9 Best Ways to Start a Business With $200

How to start a business with 200 dollars.

So you want to start a business with 200 dollars. You came to the right place, below are the 9 best ways to start a business with 200 dollars in 2022.

You can start a business with 200 dollars by utilizing online design tools, scheduling out content, and advertising on social media. Additionally, building an email list and making a professional website are other important parts of starting a business for under 200 dollars.

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Can You Start a Business With $200?

You can absolutely start a business with $200. In fact, there are many businesses that can be started for under $200. Thanks to all the free tools the internet provides pretty much anyone can start a business with a budget of $200 or less.

What Business Can You Start With $200?

You can start a dropshipping, affiliate marketing, blogging, and print-on-demand business with $200. Each of these online businesses can be started from anywhere in the world.


Dropshipping is a business model where you ship products directly from the supplier to your customer. This eliminates the need to keep any inventory on hand.

The trick to becoming a successful dropshipper is selling a product that has high conversion rates.

Using SaleHoo, you can find the perfect product and supplier in just a matter of minutes. It can be a huge time saver and a great investment for those starting out in dropshipping.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketers promote products for a commission of each sale. Commissions can range from a few percent to over 70 percent per sale.

You can spend money on paid advertisements for quick traffic and potential sales. But you could also use social media to promote your affiliate products for free.


Blogging is another popular business model for those looking to make money online. It’s so popular because of the very low start-up costs and high level of profitability.

All it takes is a few months of putting out consistent content with some affiliate links and you could start generating a consistent income.

Check out our guide to starting a money-making blog for more information.

You can start your own print-on-demand business in a couple of different ways. One way to start making money is to upload designs on Instagram print-on-demand websites like Redbubble or Teespring. Some print-on-demand platforms even advertise your designs for you.

Another way to start a print-on-demand business is to create designs and put them on your own website. By owning your own website you would be able to have more freedom. Additionally, you also have more say in how your business operates online.

Selling print-on-demand products on your own website also allows you to have more control over your business’s profit margins. Plus, if you advertise your products on social media for free, you could save money on advertising.

9 Ways to Start a Business With $200 in 2022

Here are the 9 best ways to start a business with $200 in 2022.

1. Utilize Online Design Tools

There are a variety of different online design tools that work perfectly for those looking to start a business under $200. One of the best free online design tools available for business owners is Canva.

Canva does offer a paid plan. However, if you are looking to start your business on a $200 budget, their free plan is more than enough.

Whether you are looking to design a logo for your business or create social media content, utilizing free online design tools like Canva is recommended.

2. Business Supplies

If you are planning on starting a business there is a good chance that you will need some business supplies. This could be as simple as business cards to hand out to people at meetings, or networking events

Whatever supplies you might need, be sure to dedicate a part of your $200 budget for these expenses.

3. Schedule Out Content

Having a plan in place for scheduling out content for your business is recommended. If you are wanting to start a business for under $200 you will need to put out a significant amount of content to promote your business.

This content could be in the form of blog posts or even social media posts. Whatever you choose, as a business owner, you will need to have a schedule in place to stay on top of promoting your business.

Anyone can start a business. But if you don’t put out content that promotes your business, no one will know about your business in the first place.

4. Advertise On Social Media

Social media is by far the best place to promote your business in 2022. This being said, there are two possible ways to start advertising social media.

Free Advertising

The first, and probably the best way to advertise on social media is from organic growth and promotion. An example of this would be starting from zero followers with the goal of growing your business’s social media following.

Consistently putting out high-quality, engaging content is the best way to grow your social media following for free. There are ways to speed up this process like by using paid advertising.

But if you are trying to stick to a $200 budget, it’s recommended to utilize free social media advertising.

Paid ads can be a good way to speed up your social media growth and get clicks to your website in a timely manner. But it will cost you some money.

If you are willing to spend a bit in order to speed up your business’s success, then by all means go ahead.

What you could do is start out with free advertising, and as you make more sales and turn your business into a money-making machine, you could start using paid ads.

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5. Use Accounting and Invoicing Software

Accounting and invoicing software is also needed if you are planning on starting a business. Whether you only need to track expenses and revenue, or just want to send professional invoices, FreshBooks can help you out.

FreshBooks is the best accounting and invoicing software available to small businesses. Start today and be sure to take advantage of their free trial.

6. Make a Professional Website

A professional website is one of the more important parts of starting a business. A poorly designed website will often lead to customers believing your business is unreliable. This means countless potential lost sales, and a ton of money being lost for your business.

This is why it’s important to make a professional website from day one. But we only have a budget of $200 and can’t hire a professional web designer to create our website for us. Instead, you can make a professional website using Bluehost.

For the price of a cup of coffee each month, you can get web hosting with Bluehost and easily design your website using WordPress.

It’s super easy to start and very beginner-friendly. You can click here to get started with Bluehost today.

Instead of spending thousands of dollars on a web designer, you can use Bluehost and get the same results. If anything, it will be more personalized towards your business since you are designing the website yourself.

7. Build An Email List

An email list is something you own entirely. It’s one of the best ways to build up a list of the people who believe in and are fans of your business.

Email marketing is extremely popular among businesses because of how effective it is. If you are planning on releasing a new product or service, simply send an email to your mailing list.

But how exactly do you start building an email list?

Well, one of the best ways to build an email list is by putting a sign-up form on your website. Using Mailchimp, you can start building an email list of 2000 contacts for free.

8. Consider Dropshipping Products

It can cost quite a bit of money to initially purchase inventory for your business. So if you are trying to start a business with $200 consider initially dropshipping products.

You can use SaleHoo to easily find the best product and supplier and begin dropshipping products. At the start, this could save you a lot of time, effort, and money.

When you find a product that is profitable, you can then spend money on purchasing inventory in bulk. But for those looking to start out as a small business, dropshipping products is recommended.

9. Monitor Your Progress

As you continue to grow your business, you will need to monitor your progress along the way. By monitoring your business’s progress, you can make changes if needed.

An easy way to monitor your progress is to track how many sales your business makes. You can also check social media analytics, and if you have a website, use Google Analytics.


Starting a business with 200 dollars in 2022 is entirely possible and anyone can do it. If you follow the steps mentioned above, you will be well on your way to starting a business with 200 dollars.

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