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TaxAssist Plus was created by The Next Gen Business to be your personal tax calculator for any occasion. Easily calculate taxes and deductions in dozens of states and countries!

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Simplify your tax calculations with our easy-to-use calculator tailored for beginners with no prior tax knowledge


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A premium tax calculation assistant for beginners.

Our tax calculators automatically calculates all necessary deductions so you can get an accurate estimate. Eliminate any unexpected tax surprises in the future.


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The Next Gen Business offers a range of financial resources, including tax calculators and guides. We are committed to providing clear and accurate information to help individuals and businesses make informed decisions. Check out our basic tax calculators below.

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Toby (USA)

10/10 would recommend. I just entered my salary and the calculator did all the work.

Sophia​ (USA)

TaxAssist Plus made it easy for me to estimate what I will have to pay later this year.

Stephen (UK)

I got an early look at the calculator and it seems very promising.

It’s more than just a calculator.

TaxAssist Plus is your personal assistant for all things tax related. As we continue to improve the calculator, you will soon be able to calculate not just income taxes but also:

Sales Tax / VAT Tax
Inheritance Tax
Wealth Tax
Corporate Tax
Small Business Deductions

We built TaxAssist Plus to simplify your finances.

More than a quarter of Americans don’t know how taxes are determined. You don’t have to be one of them.

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