About Us

The Next Gen Business was created with only one goal in mind. That goal is to create a website with the highest quality business, finance, banking, and real estate information on the internet.

Whether you are looking to start your own business or learn how to save more money, we’ve got it all!

All our lives we are taught to get good grades in school, succeed in college for a diploma, all in the hopes of getting a half-decent job that you might not even like.

Not only that, school fails to teach us the fundamentals of how to succeed financially as a teenager or adult. No one ever teaches high schoolers how to purchase their first car, but everyone knows how to “solve for x”.

If they don’t teach it in school, there’s a pretty good chance we have created a resource here that will help answer your question.

With a global reach of over 150 million people, you will find the best information on money, starting a business, real estate, banking, and much more here at The Next Gen Business!

Meet The Founder

Ethan Dreher founded The Next Gen Business as an all-in-one resource designed to help solve your finance, business, real estate, or banking problems.

Being obsessed with saving money and finances in general from a young age, he wanted to learn all there is to know about becoming more financially literate. This often meant spending days on end researching both current and past events relating to the real estate market, various financial topics, what businesses do well, and what do not.

He started his first online business on Instagram and went on to create many other online businesses, learning a tremendous amount with each endeavor. Ethan’s personal experiences have allowed him to learn what works and what does not.

There is so much misinformation about starting a business all done to sell a course for an obscene amount of money. Everything here at The Next Gen Business is completely free with no strings attached.

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