Pinterest Traffic for Bloggers in 2022 (100,000+ Monthly Visitors)

Woman using Pinterest to get blog traffic.

Have you been wondering how to drive more Pinterest traffic to your blog?

Well, then this article is for you!

I will go over the exact strategies and ways to generate 100,000+ page views to your blog.

I have grown multiple very successful blogs using these methods, some of which have gained over 100,000 views per month from Pinterest.

Learn how to make a successful blog that makes thousands of dollars a month in 2022.

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Important First Step (Do NOT Skip)

I just need to mention one thing before we get into my Pinterest growth strategy.

You need to set up your account properly at the start, otherwise, you won’t see results.

So how do you set up your Pinterest account correctly?

To set up your Pinterest account correctly you need to make a business account and SEO optimize your profile.

If you skip this step, getting Pinterest traffic will be significantly harder.

Plus, setting up your business Pinterest account and optimizing your profile for SEO is actually really easy.

Keep reading to learn the 3 simple steps to optimize your Pinterest account.

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3 Simple Steps to Optimize Your Pinterest Account

1. Account Name

Make a memorable Pinterest username that is easy for your followers to remember.

This way when you start getting more Pinterest traffic, people will remember who you are.

This not only builds credibility, but it helps with brand awareness.

2. Set Up a Pinterest Business Account

Setting up a Pinterest business account tells Pinterest that you are posting content that is meant to drive traffic towards your website.

Some “Pinterest Gurus” tell you to follow the 70/30 rule. This means you pin 70% of your content and 30% of others.

By creating a business account you should instead pin 90% of your content and 10% of others’ content.

3. Claim Your Website

This needs to be done as soon as possible so you can get access to the analytics for pins linking to your website.

Claiming your website is very easy. You can follow Pinterest’s guide on claiming your website here.

Once all three of these steps are completed, you are now ready to learn how to get tons of Pinterest traffic to your site!

How to Get Pinterest Traffic to Your Blog

So you completely optimized your Pinterest account, now what?

Now it’s time to get traffic to your blog.

Create Pins People Want to See

The first step to getting more traffic from Pinterest is to create pins that get clicks.

Creating pins that people want to see is a huge part of becoming successful on Pinterest.

1. Keyword Research

Keyword research is extremely important when trying to grow on Pinterest.

You want your pins to show up for keywords that people are actually searching for.

This goes for anything you post on Pinterest.

You want to make sure you do keyword research and optimize each pin to rank well in Pinterest’s search.

So how do you do keyword research?

It’s actually very easy!

Just search something up on Pinterest and related keywords will pop up.

I searched up “Make Money” and you can see the related keywords below.

Some related keywords to “Make Money” are “Make money from home,” “Make money fast,” and “Crafts that make money.”

The words that are recommended are your keywords!

Choose a couple of these keywords to best describe what your post is about. We will use these keywords later.

2. Create Engaging Pins

To create engaging pins you need to do a few things.

First, use a free designing tool like Canva. I’m not going to tell you to use some insanely high-priced design tool like other creators. It is just not needed.

You can make excellent 100% free designs with Canva as long as you keep these things in mind.

  • Use big bolded words
  • Bright, eye catching pictures
  • 3 different Fonts MAX (Try to aim for 1-2)
  • Make it simple
  • 2:3 Ratio works best
  • Easy to read on mobile (Most Pinterest users use their phones)

Canva makes it easy to create beautiful pins with their customizable templates.

Regularly making new pins with engaging images and text will drive a significant amount of new visitors to your site.

3. SEO Optimized Pinterest Description

Write a few sentences about your post, include call-to-actions like “check out my website” or “follow for more.”

These call-to-actions will greatly increase your click-through rate, resulting in more people visiting your site.

Make sure in your description you add the keywords you selected from earlier.

After this, put a few hashtags at the end of your description.

4. Choose a Relevant Board to Pin to

Pinning your pin first to the most relevant board is VERY important.

The design of your pin, title, and description is extremely important but without the right board, it might not get as much traffic as you could have.

I personally use Tailwind when I pin to boards and cannot recommend them enough. Tailwind is one hundred percent needed for growth on Pinterest as it is a HUGE time saver!

Tailwind lets you schedule out pins to your boards allowing you to schedule a ton of pins at once.

You most likely have a few boards that you already pin to. But when you pin your new content to these boards, make sure to pick the one that most accurately describes your pin.

5. Repin Old Pins

Now that you have added your pin to the most relevant board, you have to repin it to other boards in the future.

You can repin the same pin multiple times as long as you wait at least two days in between repins.

What I recommend doing is that every week you go back and repin all of your highest performing pins from that week.

This helps keep those pins active within Pinterest’s search engine and will result in more Pinterest traffic coming to your site.

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Check Your Analytics

So now that you have pinned amazing content to your Pinterest account, how do you know it is performing well and bringing in traffic?

By checking your analytics you can see what is working and what is not.

You can track your website traffic by using Google Analytics.

To see the traffic from the exact pins in Google Analytics go to acquisition > all traffic > referral >, this is where you will find the pins you are getting traffic from.

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Another great way to check how your pins are performing is by looking at your Pinterest analytics.

This is why it is important to claim your website early on, this way you can see how your pins are doing directly on Pinterest.

You can view you pins by impressions, link clicks, saves, etc.

The most important stat to pay attention to is link clicks because this means people are visiting your website.

Figure out what pins do the best and try to replicate them with similar designs.

Maybe try a different picture and words, but keep the same font type and colors?

Find out what works with your audience and continue to produce a lot of new pins.

Additional Important Tips for Getting More Traffic From Pinterest

These are some additional tips that will really help skyrocket your Pinterest Traffic!

All the tips and steps previously stated will help you start to gain traffic, but these tips will help you stand out from your competition.

Make Fresh Pins Daily

Making daily fresh pins is something that Pinterest really supports in 2022.

They have hinted at and said countless times that fresh pins will often do better than just a bunch of repins.

If you think about it from Pinterest’s perspective, this makes sense.

Pinterest does not want a ton of reposted content that its users have already seen.

Therefore, new, fresh pins will do better in the algorithm and lead to more Pinterest traffic on your site.


The time of day that you pin your pins is very important.

You can post at any time of day and still get some traffic, but to really grow you need to know WHEN to post.

You can find out when to post by checking Google Analytics to see when pins do best based on the amount of traffic they generate.

If you want a more straightforward, general time frame to post, you can post between 8-11 pm est.

This is the best time to post in 2022 and will make your pins do better and gain more traffic overall.


These are the strategies that I use to get more traffic to all my websites from Pinterest.

I have grown multiple websites and blogs using these methods. I am currently in the middle of growing Next Generation Business using all the strategies listed above.

You can grow and get thousands of visitors to your site completely for free using Pinterest!

If you have ever thought about making a blog that can make thousands of dollars a month check out this article on how to make money blogging.

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