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The Next Gen Business New York housing cost comparison 1950 vs 2024.

The middle class is on the brink of collapse.

Let’s set the scene quick.

If you’ve been paying attention, you already know:

  • 60% of Americans said inflation has crushed their income
  • 64% received a raise, 53% said inflation outpaced that raise
  • 51% can’t buy a home due to high cost of living
  • Rent inflation is up almost 6%
  • Transportation costs skyrocketed 9.9%
  • Healthcare costs up 8.9%
  • Car insurance jumped 26%
  • Homeowners insurance up as much as 63%
  • And the list goes on…

All this in just a year.

If we look at the bigger picture, starter home mortgage payments have doubled in the last 4 years.

Wages are the same.

Government spending continues to increase regardless of how much it crushes everyday citizens.

They don’t care you:

– can’t afford a home

– struggle to pay off your student loans

– are getting crushed by ever increasing taxes

– can’t even conceptualize the idea of retirement

Heck, remember social security?

That program that you’ve paid into all your life.

Due to politicians mismanaging the money they are now saying you should expect to receive less than you were promised.

In any other situation that would be considered theft or at the very minimum a false promise.

But because it’s the government, it’s just a series of ‘unfortunate’ events.

They are now floating the idea of raising taxes. Forcing disenfranchised younger generations to pay even more into a program that they broke.

Everyone ends up getting screwed.

  • Gen Z
  • Millennials
  • Gen X
  • Boomers

But what can you do about it?

Nothing right?


Options are everything

You Aren’t Stuck, You Just Lack Clarity

Knowledge is power

You Have More Options Than You Think

On December 14, 2023, a bill called the SMARTER Debt Act was introduced to congress.

In short, the act was designed to create a dashboard anyone with student loans can use.

This dashboard would filter student loan forgiveness & repayment programs by:

  • career field
  • program of study
  • loan type
  • and location (if applicable)

So if Teacher A had $50,000 in debt and found a program through this dashboard that forgave $10,000 a year for each year she worked, she would wipe out her debt in 5 years.

Sounds great right?

But there’s a catch…

and you can probably guess what it is.

The bill went absolutely nowhere.

Over half a year later and zero progress.

So we went out and created that dashboard for you.

Over 150+ student debt relief programs compiled in one easy-to-use platform.

And we didn’t:

– create it using outdated half-century old government tech.

– waste millions of taxpayer dollars

– take years to roll-out the solution

By joining today you can instantly unlock all 150+ student loan forgiveness & repayment programs.

What’s Inside

All Access: Build Your Ideal Life On Your Terms

  • Relying on guesswork or incomplete information
  • Feeling trapped by the mistakes of politicians
  • Uncertainty about retirement
  • Worrying about making the wrong choice
  • Clarity at every step
  • Minimizing risk created by politicians
  • A sense of control over your future
  • Empowered to make choices aligned with your goals and values.

The real question: do you want to wait until inflation and politicians’ poor choices ruin your dream future? Or start making it a reality today?

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The Cards Are Stacked Against You


Answers To Your Questions

Make sure you are making the right decision.

Yes and no.

Yes, we offer basic access to the NextGen platform for free.

Our tax, cost of living, student loans, retirement, and healthcare solutions have basic capabilities such as:

  • Student Loan Relief: Search through 5 student loan forgiveness programs
  • Cost of Living: National cost of living statistics
  • Taxes: Free tax calculators
  • Retirement: United States retirement statistics
  • Healthcare: Several United States procedure & treatment costs


No, you do not have to sign up or enter any information for basic access to the NextGen platform.

All Access members unlock:

  • Student Loan Relief: Search & filter through 150 student loan forgiveness programs (10 new programs released daily)
  • Cost of Living: State-level cost of living statistics (city-level data released soon)
  • Taxes: A country search tool for quicker calculations
  • Retirement: International retirement statistics in 11+ countries
  • Healthcare: Dozens of international procedure & treatment costs

Because we offer such comprehensive access to the platform for free, and due to the tools being digital, we do not offer refunds for NextGen All Access.

If you like the benefits of NextGen basic access, it’s extremely likely you will love the data and perks with All Access.

Of course. NextGen is a platform designed to simplify every financial aspect of your life with cutting-edge data.