Tailwind Review and Tutorial in 2022

Have you heard a lot about Tailwind and how it can be used to gain a ton of traffic online? In this Tailwind review, we are going to be going over exactly how it can be used so you can grow your traffic and make money online.

Whether you have a blog, e-commerce store, or any other business, Tailwind is a necessary tool for everyone.

We are going to show you just how easy it is to get started. By the end of this tutorial, you will be asking yourself why you didn’t start sooner!

We personally use Tailwind to help save time when posting on Pinterest.

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Why Should You Use Tailwind?

For the longest time, we didn’t really use social media to promote our websites. We were missing out on hundreds of thousands of potential page views every month.

If you have read any of our other articles, you might know that we have had experience running multiple other successful websites. However, it has not always been this way.

For the longest time, we were prioritizing tasks that did not help the overall growth of these websites. Not using Pinterest to grow our traffic was one of these mistakes. Tailwind has been absolutely crucial to my online success.

If you are thinking about starting your own blog or website, consider checking out our guide on how to make money blogging.

Learning how to grow your business online initially can feel like a lot to deal with because there is so much to learn. This is where Tailwind comes to the rescue. It helps significantly reduce the amount of work you have to do to grow your online traffic.

Using Tailwind, you will have a lot more time to focus on other parts of your business.

So let’s get right into it, here is the ultimate Tailwind review and tutorial in 2022!

Tailwind Review and Tutorial in 2022

In this article, I want to share our stats before growing The Next Gen Business website. The tips and advice were given in this article work extremely well in 2022.

Is Tailwind Worth It?

Yes, it 1000% is! Tailwind not only frees up a ton of time it can also exponentially increase your traffic if used right. We have owned multiple websites. Whenever we use Tailwind to help us promote our content, it has led to a considerable amount of growth!

My Pinterest Traffic Before Using Tailwind

Pinterest stats before Tailwind.

Before we started to use Tailwind and grow this website, we had a total audience of about 1,800 people. Our total impressions were only 15,440.

My Pinterest Traffic After Using Tailwind

After we started using Tailwind we saw an immediate spike in traffic and it just kept increasing. You can see the red circle is where we first started using Tailwind.

Pinterest stats after Tailwind.

We saw our total audience increase to over 230,000 people. This is a 13,500% increase!

Our impressions increased to over 472,000!

This just goes to show how much Tailwind can help boost your traffic if used correctly.

My Blog Income Before Tailwind

Before using Tailwind we had put a few affiliate links on our website and no advertisements. We did not really like the idea of putting ads on my website designed to provide value to the reader (you).

The problem was that we were not getting enough traffic to the site to make a decent amount of money from affiliate links. This is where Tailwind came to save the day.

My Website Income After Tailwind

After we started using Tailwind we immediately started earning money from affiliate links due to more traffic. Eventually, we decided to put ads on the site while still keeping the reader experience in mind.

Amazing Features of Tailwind

Tailwind has mastered the ways of making your life easier. These are some of the best Tailwind features that we absolutely love.

1. Tailwind Analytics

Tailwind tells you exactly how well your pins perform on Pinterest along with a few other key features.

They tell you the statistics on how many pins you pin, your overall follower growth, and the amount of repins and likes your pins get each week.

Tailwind gives you Board Insights which tell you crucial stats like repins for each one of your boards.

It’s very important for us to know exactly how well our pins perform and what boards work best, so we can tailor my strategy as needed.

2. Tailwind Tribes

This is another amazing feature from Tailwind that can really help skyrocket your growth.

Tailwind Tribes are similar to group boards where you can share and repin content. You can start getting traffic from Tailwind Tribes even if you do not have Tailwind.

They make it extremely easy to schedule pins to different Tailwind Tribes in just a few short minutes.

This is one way that we have personally seen a HUGE increase in overall repins.

3. Tailwind Best Times to Pin

In order to successfully grow on Pinterest, you need to post at the right times. It can be hard to know when the right times to pin are without Tailwind.

Tailwind actually suggests the best times to pin based on the performance of your previous pins.

If you spend time creating high-quality pins that you know can convert, you do not want to pin them when nobody will see them.

Tailwind helps solve that problem by telling you exactly when you need to post to get the best engagement.

4. Tailwind Board Lists

Board lists are another very helpful feature that Tailwind has. This feature is one that can significantly help you save time.

We have a lot of Pinterest boards, whether they be personal or group boards. Pinning to each one of these individual boards would take a ton of time, time that we do not always have.

This is where Tailwind comes in. They created board lists so you can schedule out your pins to each one of your boards in no time.

How To Start Using Tailwind?

You might be thinking, a tool like this probably costs a lot to get started.

By signing up right now you can get your first 20 posts for completely free!

How much is Tailwind a month?

Tailwind offers a great low-price plan that costs $9.99/month. The price of the plan increases depending on what plan you choose.

Tailwind offers a Free, Pro, Advanced, and Max plan. Higher tiered plans result in more posts that can be made each month.

>>Start using Tailwind today!<<


There is a reason why so many people use Tailwind. Convenience and their ability to save you a tone of time are two huge reasons for their extreme popularity.

It is more cost-effective to use Tailwind than any other scheduler. After you take advantage of your 20 free posts you can post an unlimited amount of additional posts for just $39.99 a month (for their annual plan).

Using Tailwind is one opportunity that you do not want to miss out on.

Tailwind is also an approved Pinterest scheduling tool. This means that you can safely use Tailwind without any risk of your account being banned (unless you violate any of Pinterest’s policies).

The time-saving abilities and ease of use that Tailwind provides are unmatched in comparison to any other scheduler available.

It has been an amazing tool that we have used to grow our websites. This is why making this Tailwind review was so easy for us, it’s a product we really use and love.

We recommend trying out Tailwind for a couple of months, utilizing all the amazing features talked about in this Tailwind review. If you do not pleased with it in any way, you can go back to posting on Pinterest normally.

Give it a try and let me know what you think!

>>Click here to start using Tailwind today!<<

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