Capital One Bank Near Me: Find Nearby Branch Locations and ATMs

Capital One Banks near me.

Capital One Bank is a popular bank in America, with over 750 branches and 2,000 ATMs across 10 states. Below, is a guide to the closest Capital One Bank near you.

There’s also information on Capital One Bank such as the hours they are open and their customer service.

Capital One Bank Locations Near Me

Having been around for over 25 years, Capital One Bank is a major financial institution in the United States with over 750 branches.

They are best known for specializing in auto loans, credit cards, and savings accounts. But what really makes them stand out from their competitors is their high-quality customer support.

Capital One Bank Branch Near Me

Below are all the states Capital One Bank operates in with their nearby branch locations.

Capital One Bank’s in California

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California has hundreds of branches and ATMs for this bank spread across many cities. This includes locations in the city of Los Angeles and San Francisco.

Capital One Bank’s in Connecticut

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Over 400 ATMs and branches for this bank spread throughout Connecticut. There are branches and ATMs in New Britain and Meriden. In addition to there also being branches in Waterbury and Torrington.

Capital One Bank’s in Delaware

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There are well over 100 Capital One Bank branches ATMs in Delaware. With many of Delawares cities having locations. Some of the major ones are Middleford, Georgetown, Greenwood, and Rodney Village.

Capital One Bank’s in Louisiana

Capital One Bank Louisiana map.
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Louisiana has 98 branches located in cities like Opelousas, Eunice, and Alexandria. Plus cities like Lafayette, and Melville.

Capital One Bank’s in Maryland

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Located in Maryland are 62 branches for this bank. This includes branches in Millersville, Parole, Pasadena, Fort Meade, and Odenton.

Capital One Bank’s in Massachusetts

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Massachusetts has dozens of branches located in cities like Boston, Worcester, and Quincy.

Capital One Bank’s in New York

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In New York, there are around 140 branches. Most of which are located in New York City. Outside of the city, there are also locations in Albany, Buffalo, and Syracuse.

Capital One Bank’s in Texas

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There are over 50 different ATMs and branches for this bank in Texas. The state contains branches in Dallas, San Antonio, Fort Worth, Austin, and Houston.

Capital One Bank’s in Virginia

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There are more than 40 branches for this bank in the state of Virginia. These branches are located in cities such as Richmond, Appomattox, Lynchburg, and Charlottesville.

Capital One Bank’s in Washington

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Washington has dozens of official Capital One Bank branches and ATM locations. Seattle, Washington, contains the most locations for this bank. On top of that, there are also locations in cities like Vancouver, Tacoma, Redmond, and Lynnwood.

Capital One Bank’s in Washington, D.C.

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There are over a dozen branches and ATMs for this bank located in Washington, D.C., otherwise known as the District of Columbia.

Capital One Bank ATM Near Me

Capital One Bank has approximately 2,000 ATMs spread throughout the United States. All their ATMs can be found using their “Locations Finder” feature on their website.

Using this feature, you will be able to find ATMs that are open 24/7, ATMs that allow you to make deposits, and all locations that contain drive-thru ATMs.

About Capital One Bank

Capital One Bank is most known for its wide range of services ranging from credit cards and savings accounts to auto loans and CDs. Banking with Capital One will result in you earning competitive interest rates via their online savings accounts.

They also are known for not having monthly maintenance fees and offering the option to do most of their banking online.

Here is the customer service contact information for Capital One Bank, along with the hours they operate.

Capital One Bank Customer Service

Capital One Bank’s customer service number is 1 (877) 383-4802. Customer service representatives are available anytime from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. on both weekdays and weekends.

Other ways to reach their customer support include scheduling an appointment through your Capital One Bank online account. You can also use their online banking portal to talk to one of their agents on specific topics or send their customer service a tweet @AskCapitalOne.

Capital One Bank’s Hours Near Me

Capital One Bank is open 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. from Monday through Friday and 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Saturday. This bank also has ATMs that are open 24/7, meaning you can use their ATM at any time of the day or week.


Capital One Bank is the largest bank in the United States. Their branches and ATMs can be found throughout the country.

Having been around for decades, they’ve grown a reputation for extremely reliable and trustworthy banking.

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