Chase Bank Near Me: Find Nearby Branch Locations and ATMs

Chase banks near me.

Chase Bank is the largest bank in America, with thousands of branches and ATMs across the country. Below, is a guide to the closest Chase Banks near you.

There’s also information on Chase Bank such as their customer service and the hours they are open.

Chase Bank Locations Near Me

Having been around for over 220 years, Chase Bank is a major financial institution in the United States with over 4,700 branches.

Their services include offering both checking and savings accounts with online and mobile banking. On top of that, they have many debit and credit card options to choose from.

They are an FDIC-insured bank with alternative services other than just personal banking. Chase also offers their services to those looking to finance a vehicle, start a business, or purchase a home.

Chase Bank Branch Near Me

Below are all the states Chase Bank operates in with their nearby branch locations. You can find their closest branch location by visiting their website or checking the Google map.

Here’s the most up-to-date list of all Chase Bank’s locations in the United States:

1. Alabama

There are 2 Chase branches in Alabama with locations in the cities of Auburn and Tuscaloosa.

2. Arizona

In Arizona, Chase has over 200 branches in cities such as Phoenix, Mesa, Scottsdale, and Tucson. Phoenix Arizona contains 38 ATMs and branches, Scottsdale has 19, Mesa has 14 and Tucson has 28.

3. Arkansas

Little Rock is the only city where Chase operates in Arkansas. There are a total of 2 Chase branches in the city.

4. California

California has hundreds of Chase branches and ATMs in all areas of the state. This includes San Diego with 41 branches and ATMs, San Jose California with 27, and Los Angeles with 57.

5. Colorado

Colorado has over 100 Chase branches and 250 ATMs spread across many cities. Denver Colorado has 25 branches, Boulder has 9, Arvada has 7, and Aurora has 9.

6. Connecticut

Over 50 Chase ATMs and branches are spread throughout Connecticut. There are Chase Bank branches and ATMs in Bridgeport, Greenwich, Stamford, and Milford Connecticut.

Bridgeport has a total of 3 branches and ATMs, Greenwich contains 5, Stamford has 4, and Milford has 2.

7. Florida

There are well over 400 Chase branches and 1,600 ATMs in Florida. With many Florida cities having Chase locations. Some of the major ones are Jacksonville containing 20 branches, Sarasota with 9, Lake Buena Vista with 27, Tampa with 18, and West Palm Beach with 9.

8. Georgia

Chase has 80 branches and 215 ATMs in Georgia. Atlanta is home to 23 branches, Marietta has 7, and Alpharetta Georgia has 6.

9. Idaho

Chase has a grand total of 21 branch locations in Idaho. Boise contains 7 of those branches, Eagle has 2 and Meridian contains 2 as well.

10. Illinois

There are over 200 Chase branches in Illinois. Chicago Illinois has 109 locations, Elgin has 4, Naperville has 6, and Springfield has 4.

11. Iowa

In Des Moines, the capital of Iowa, there is 1 Chase branch.

12. Kentucky

Chase has over 50 branches in Kentucky. Cities such as Louisville contain 22 branches, Owensboro has 3, and Lexington has 12.

13. Maine

Maine only has one Chase branch in Portland. Keep in mind, that the city of Portland in Maine is different from Portland, Oregon.

14. Maryland

Located in Maryland are over 50 Chase branches. This includes the 12 branches in Baltimore, 3 in College Park, 4 in Bethesda, and 3 in Silver Spring.

15. Massachusetts

Massachusetts has 82 Chase branches located in cities like Boston, Natick, Cambridge, Jamaica Plain, and Newton. Boston has 25 Chase locations, Natick has 3, Cambridge has 3, Jamaica Plain has 3.

16. Michigan

In Michigan, there are 193 Chase branches in operation. This includes the 18 branches in Detroit, the 14 branches in Grand Rapids, and 6 branches in Ann Arbor.

17. Mississippi

There is one Chase Bank in Jackson, Mississippi.

18. Missouri

There are over 30 Chase branches in Missouri. Out of all the Missouri branches and ATMs, 8 are located in Saint Louis, 2 branches in St Louis, 3 in Kansas City, and 1 in O’fallon.

19. Montana

Montana only has 2 Chase locations. Both of which are in Billings.

20. Nebraska

Chase operates in 7 different locations in Nebraska. Out of the 7 locations, 5 are in Omaha, and 2 are in Lincoln.

21. Nevada

There are 65 Chase branches and ATMs in Nevada. Las Vegas has the most locations with a total of 37. Henderson also contains 12, Reno has 6, and Sparks has 3.

22. New Jersey

New Jersey has a total of 196 Chase branches spread across many towns and cities. This includes the 6 branches in Newark, the 3 in Toms River, and the 4 in Jersey City.

23. New Mexico

There are 2 Chase branches in New Mexico. Out of those 2 branches, all of them are in Albuquerque.

24. New York

In New York, there are around 500 Chase branches. 126 of which are located in New York City. Outside of the city, 69 are in Brooklyn along with 13 in Rochester, 11 in White Plains, and 6 in Albany.

25. North Carolina

20 Chase branches exist in North Carolina. Out of the 20 branches, 2 are in Raleigh, 8 are in Charlotte, 1 is in Durham, and 1 is in Chapel Hill.

26. North Dakota

There are 3 Chase locations in North Dakota, all of which are in the city of Fargo.

27. Ohio

There are over 250 Chase branches in Ohio. This includes the 9 branches in Akron, 8 branches in Cleveland, and 30 in Columbus.

28. Oregon

There are currently over 100 Chase branches in Oregon. With 22 branches being in Oregon’s most populous city Portland, 3 in Tigard, 4 in Eugene, 2 in Beaverton, and 4 in Medford.

29. Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania has 44 Chase branches and tons of ATMs in many of its cities and towns. This includes 29 branches in Philadelphia, 14 in Pittsburgh, and 2 in Southampton.

30. Rhode Island

There are 17 Rhode Island branch and ATM locations spread across 11 different cities. The 3 locations with the most branches are Cranston with 3, Providence with 3, and Warwick with 3.

31. South Carolina

There are 25 Chase branches and ATMs in South Carolina. The most notable include 7 in Charleston, 7 in Greenville, and 2 in Rock Hill.

32. Tennessee

There are 15 Tennessee Chase branches; 9 in Nashville, 2 in Franklin, and 1 in Madison.

33. Texas

There are over 600 different Chase ATMs and branches in Texas. Austin contains 37 branches, Dallas has 53, San Antonio has 38, El Paso has 14, Forth Worth has 30, and Houston has 114.

34. Utah

There are over 40 ATMs and branches for Chase in Utah. Salt Lake City has 12 locations, Ogden has 2, Saint George has 2, and Provo has 3.

35. Vermont

Vermont has only one Chase location. In Burlington, there’s one Chase branch in operation.

36. Virginia

There are 23 Chase branches in Virginia. Out of the 23, 8 are in Arlington, 6 are in Richmond, 2 are in Falls Church, and 2 are in Alexandria.

37. Washington

Washington has over 100 official Chase branch and ATM locations. Seattle, Washington, contains the most Chase locations with a total of 43. On top of that, Vancouver has 10, Lynnwood has 5, Renton has 5, and Redmond has 2.

38. Washington, D.C.

There are 38 Chase branches located in Washington, D.C., otherwise known as the District of Columbia.

39. West Virginia

West Virginia has 22 different Chase branches and ATMs which are located all across the state. 3 of the branches and ATMs are in Charleston, 2 are in Beckley, and 2 are in Barboursville.

40. Wisconsin

There are well over 70 Chase ATMs and branches in Wisconsin. Milwaukee contains 7 of them, Kenosha contains 3, and Appleton has 4.

41. Wyoming

Wyoming only has one Chase bank located in the city of Cheyenne.

Chase Bank ATM Near Me

Chase Bank has approximately 16,000 ATMs spread throughout the United States. All their ATMs can be found using their “Find a Chase ATM or branch near you” feature on their website.

Using this feature, you will be able to find ATMs that are open 24/7, ATMs that allow you to make deposits, and all locations that contain drive-up ATMs.

Chase Banks’s Information

Here is a table with Chase Bank’s most important information. Below you will find the bank’s customer service number and bank hours. ATM hours, fees, deposit and withdrawal limits, and more!

Chase Bank’s Information Details
Customer Service Number 1 (800) 935-9935
ATM Deposit Limit None
Chase Bank ATM Fee Free
Non-Chase Bank ATM Fee $2.50
ATM Withdrawal Limit $3,000/day
Bank Hours 9 am – 5 pm, Mon-Fri
9 am – 1 pm, Sat
ATM Hours 24/7
Mobile Banking Yes
Online Banking Yes
Overdraft fee $34.00

Sometimes ATMs have fees associated with using them. As a customer of this bank, all of Chase’s ATMs are free of charge to use.

However, if you are a customer of this bank and decide to use a non-Chase ATM, there’s a $2.50 fee. Depending on the ATM you use, there may be an additional fee.

Their ATMs do not have a daily deposit limit. But for withdrawals, the limit is $3,000.

Another one of Chase Bank’s fees you might need to be aware of is overdraft fees. If you don’t have enough money in your checking account to pay for a transaction, you are charged an overdraft fee. The overdraft fee for this bank is $34.

If you don’t want to visit one of their bank branches, Chase offers online and mobile banking as an alternative. You can access and use this bank’s services by either visiting their website or using their app.

About Chase Bank

Chase Bank is most known for its wide range of services which include advice on investments, personal banking, mortgages, auto financing, and small business loans. They also have a huge selection of personal and business credit cards available to their customers.

Here is the customer service contact information for Chase Bank, along with the hours they operate.

Chase Customer Service

Chase Bank’s customer service number is 1 (800) 935-9935. Customer service representatives are available anytime from 7 a.m. to 11 p.m. on weekdays (Monday through Friday), and from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. on weekends (Saturday and Sunday).

Other ways to reach their customer support include sending an email through your Chase Online account or tweeting them @ChaseSupport.

Chase Bank’s Hours Near Me

Chase Bank is open 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. from Monday through Friday and 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. on Saturday. The bank also has ATMs that are open 24/7, meaning you can use a Chase ATM at any time of the day or week.


Chase is the largest bank in the United States. Their branches and ATMs can be found throughout the country.

They’ve been around for over 220 years, they have grown a reputation for very safe and reliable banking.

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