20 Best Money Hacks to Save More in 2022

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If you work hard for your money, then you most likely would prefer to keep as much of it as possible. This can be done using the easy money hacks talked about in this article.

The more money that you can save, the quicker you can reach financial freedom.

These money hacks can easily almost immediately save you thousands of dollars. Over time this can add up to become quite a bit of money.

Below, we’ll be going over the 20 best money hacks in 2022. I’ll bet you’ve never heard of a lot of them.

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Best Money Hacks to Save More in 2022

The money hacks listed below are in no particular order. All of them are great money hacks to save more money in 2022.

1. Create a Plan to Pay Off Debt

Creating a plan to get rid of any debt, is important for anyone trying to become financially free.

The debt snowball is a popular way of getting rid of debt by organizing your debts from the smallest to largest balance. By paying off your balances starting with the smallest one and paying the minimum on the rest, you slowly eliminate your debt balances one by one.

The debt avalanche is a similar idea but instead of sorting by balance, you sort by interest rate.

Both are good strategies for paying off your debt.

2. Automate Savings

Automating your savings is an easy way to help you put money away for later with no added work.

You can set up an automatic transfer from your checking account to a savings account every month.

It really cannot get much easier with online banking.

3. Plan Meals

Planning meals are absolutely huge when trying to save money. You can plan out all your meals for the week and only purchase the food required to make those meals.

There are a ton of affordable meal recipes online and a lot of them are actually very easy to make.

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4. Find Food Sales

After you make your meal plan you can then save even more money by finding food that is on sale. Buying the cheapest priced food can easily save you a ton each month

5. Start a Side Hustle

Starting a side hustle is a good way to bring in some extra cash. This can be anything from driving for Uber or starting a blog.

Increasing your income with a side hustle can allow you to either save more or pay for any expenses you might have.

One of the best money hacks available today that not many take advantage of is actually posting on social media for money.

Most of us use some form of social media in our day-to-day lives. But did you know that you can actually be paid up to $175 a day by just posting on social media?

It’s a great money hack to start making money using social media. I mean, you would have been scrolling through Facebook or YouTube anyways, why not get paid?

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6. Go Over Expenses

Speaking of expenses, it’s a good idea to go over your expenses at least once every six months.

Going over expenses allows you to see if they are actually worth the money.

Cutting cable is a good example of getting rid of an unnecessary expense. Most of the time there are cheaper alternatives to what you are currently spending your money on.

Getting rid of what you do not need or finding cheaper alternatives can save a TON of extra money every single month.

7. Drink Water

Drinking water instead of other expensive beverages might seem like an obvious way to save money, but not many take advantage of it.

Drinking either bottled or tap water is exponentially cheaper than drinking sodas or buying expensive coffees.

Choosing to order water instead of another drink can significantly cut the restaurant bill when dining out, easily saving you about $15-20 a meal.

8. Make a Budget

It’s important to track where your money is going. Money has a habit of disappearing out of nowhere if unaccounted for.

This can all be fixed by tracking how much money you have coming in and out each month.

There are a ton of free budget planners such as mint that make it easy to create a budget.

9. Create an Emergency Fund

Emergency funds are extremely important because they serve as a backup plan in case anything unexpected were to happen.

If a crisis were to happen it is recommended to have at least $1,000 in an emergency fund.

Usually, if something bad were to happen unexpectedly, people turn to credit cards to pay for any expenses.

This can lead to a pile of unwanted debt.

An emergency fund is simply an alternative to using a credit card as a backup plan. On top of that, there is no debt attached!

10. 30 Day Rule

If you are about to make a purchase, especially a large one, consider using the 30-day rule.

Wait 30 days before making this purchase. After 30 days, see if you still want to make the purchase.

If not, you just saved some money!

The goal of the 30-day rule is to limit any non-essential purchases.

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11. Make More Money With Apps

Most of us spend way too much time scrolling through apps on our phones.

Well, did you know that you can actually make money by using some apps?

There are tons of ways to make money with apps. Some apps allow you to fill out surveys for money, earn extra cashback from shopping, and much more!

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12. Cash Only Budget

Using a cash only budget forces you to not overspend.

People spend a lot more money using a card, compared to paying in cold, hard cash.

It actually makes a lot of sense and makes you more aware of how much you spend on certain transactions.

Unlike a credit card, it’s a lot harder to overspend with cash. If you do not have the cash right then and there, you cannot pay for the item.

This is a great money hack for anyone who tends to spend more than they should with a credit card.

13. Cut Utility Bills

There are a ton of different ways to cut your utility bills each month.

For example, installing low-flow showerheads and faucets can help reduce water heating costs.

Turning down the thermostat every once in a while is another good way to save some extra money.

Creative money hacks such as these can save you a lot more than you think each month.

14. Do Repairs and Maintenance Yourself

Repairs and maintenance fees have always been a dreaded expense to many.

Well, thanks to the internet, there is now a surplus of easy-to-follow videos that you can use to save your hard-earned money.

Repairs and maintenance expenses can add up

By learning to do the maintenance yourself you can potentially save hundreds, if not thousands of dollars every year.

15. Reduce Interest Rates

If you use credit cards at all, then you know that interest can be a total pain.

Luckily there are ways of reducing your interest rate fairly easily.

Many companies will lower your interest rate if you just ask them to. From their point of view, they are happy you are going to still pay them instead of filing for bankruptcy.

16. Buy Used

This is one of the top money hacks that I have personally taken advantage of.

If there is an option to purchase an item used, use it!

This money hack works for anything from cars to college textbooks or clothes.

Buying used is always going to be a better alternative if saving money is the goal.

17. Stop Expensive Habits

Expensive habits are the financial downfall for many. Especially with how easy it is to splurge and spend on things you should not.

Popular examples of expensive habits include purchasing a five-dollar coffee or eating out way too frequently.

These costs can add up. Over the course of a year, you might have spent thousands of dollars more than you should have.

18. Compare Insurance Rates

This isn’t something that many of us do regularly. However, you could be saving a lot of money on insurance.

By shopping around at least once a year, looking at the different insurance rates, you could easily find a better deal.

19. Look at Alternatives

The internet makes it easy to compare different deals for whatever you are purchasing.

Whether it be for a car or home appliances, a quick Google search can tell you all the different prices available.

Before you make a purchase, look to see if there are cheaper alternatives available.

20. Use Coupons

Coupons should not be something that you obsess over, but they can be a good way to get some pretty good deals and save you money.

Online coupon services such as Groupon offer a ton of good coupons that could potentially save you a lot of money.


There are so many ways to save money with money hacks in 2022. Many of which you can start today.

Using even a couple of these money hacks can save you a ton of money each year.

If you enjoyed this article on the best money hacks to save more in 2022, check out our other articles below.

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