23 Easy High Income Skills You Can Learn [Without College Education]

Computer to work on high income skill.

In order to become successful and make money in today’s world requires learning high income skills. Engineers and doctors are examples of careers that require high income skills. But both of these examples require some sort of college education.

What if I were to tell you that there are high income skills that can be learned without a college education?

Continue reading to find out what the 23 easiest high income skills to learn are.

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What Are High Income Skills

A skill is something that you do well. Hard skills are things like technical or marketing skills. Soft skills are things like good time management or communication.

Soft skills are often more difficult to learn and can take longer due to the fact people’s perception of your proficiency of the skill is subjective.

It’s easy to tell if someone is good at marketing based on how many sales they get. On the other hand, it’s not so easy to tell if someone has good communication skills.

One’s perception of good communication skills might be different depending upon the person.

Obtaining high income skills is important in all areas of work. The more high income skills you have the better.

High income skills typically result in a six-figure income. Sometimes you can earn even more.

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How Do You Develop High Income Skills

If you don’t go to college, most turn to trade or certificate training. Most things require some amount of money to earn.

But this is only a fraction of what your potential income could be.

Some of the skills in this list can be learned completely free and without any sort of formal training or education.

This being said, the internet is going to be your most valuable teacher.

With YouTube and Google, you can learn a lot of high income skills without paying thousands to go to college.

The Best High Income Skills in 2022

The skills listed below are in no particular order. All of them are excellent high income skills that can be learned without a college degree in 2022.

1. Affiliate Marketing

Person working on their high income skill on a computer.

Affiliate marketing is a very popular way of making money online.

With affiliate marketing, you make money every time you sell someone else’s product or service.

Amazon has a popular affiliate marketing program. It is a good starting point for many affiliates due to the trust that Amazon has built with their customers.

There are tons of other businesses that offer affiliate commissions as well. Platforms like ShareASale, eBay, and many more payout tons of money to their affiliates every year.

How to Start Learning Affiliate Marketing

There are plenty of courses that can teach you everything about affiliate marketing. A lot of companies with affiliate programs offer helpful affiliate marketing tutorials.

To start, you can check out our articles on how to get traffic or grow a blog to make money with affiliate marketing.

How To Use This Skill

There are tons of ways to use this high income skill. You can learn everything yourself and sell products on your website.

Alternatively, you can start making money with affiliate marketing using 12 Minute Affiliate.

With 12 Minute Affiliate, you get to skip all the difficult parts of affiliate marketing and start in just 12 minutes.

There are so many ways to start and it is completely up to you!

2. Copywriting

Copywriting is a form of writing with the purpose of advertising or selling a product.

If the text has the purpose of informing others then it is a form of copywriting. It is a relevant skill that plays a role in other skills on this list.

How to Start Learning Copywriting

A lot of companies can teach you the ins and outs of copywriting. Certifications are even offered by some of these companies. This can come in handy when you are just starting.

One huge tip for those thinking about becoming a copywriter is to proofread your work. Small errors can easily pop up and make your work seem unprofessional. Using Grammarly, you will not have to worry about these errors.

With Grammarly’s free plan, you will get access to their basic recommendations, which include fixes to misspelled words, punctuation, and grammar mistakes.

How To Use This Skill

This high income skill can be used almost anywhere. If you learn how to become a good copywriter, you can easily make six figures a year.

There are copywriters that make millions every year due to the sales that their copy generates.

A good way to start earning money by copywriting is by selling your services on Upwork or Fiverr.

As you get better and learn the skill, you can charge more money, increasing your earning potential.

3. Graphic Designer

Graphic designers create visual content for advertisements, books, magazines, the list goes on.

The content they create can be in the form of banner designs, logos, or even product images.

Graphic designers are artists that create visual content with a purpose.

How to Start Learning Graphic Design

There are plenty of ways to learn graphic design online completely free.

Going to a college to learn these skills is an option, but it is by no means required.

There are a lot of programs online that can teach you how to start learning graphic design. These programs are a good starting point to becoming a graphic designer.

How To Use This Skill

Graphic design is a very valuable skill that is needed in many industries. You can start as a freelancer or work for a company. There are a lot of opportunities for graphic design work.

4. Content Creation/Content Marketing

Content creation is the act of creating valuable content to engage with your audience.

The distribution of that content to reach a larger audience and potentially make more money is content marketing.

For example, bloggers can be both content creators and marketers.

If they make content for their blog, this would be content creation. Posting about this content to gain more traffic would be content marketing

How to Start Learning Content Creation/Content Marketing

You can become a content creator or content marketer at any time. You do not need to be an expert in your field to create content.

If you know more than the average person about a certain topic then you can create content on that topic.

There are plenty of courses and companies online that provide training on how to properly market your content.

The basic skills needed to start is just the ability to write and do research on a topic.

How To Use This Skill

Writing content for a blog or website, writing an e-book, or creating advertisements for a dropshipping store all involve content creation and content marketing.

5. Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is marketing that uses the internet to promote products and services. For example, online advertisements are a form of digital marketing

As a digital marketer, you would want to grow an audience with either a website or YouTube channel. Then, to generate an income you would place ads on your content.

How to Start Learning Digital Marketing

There are a ton of courses on digital marketing to learn how to drive traffic to your online platform and start generating an income from ads.

How To Use This Skill

You can create your own website online and start making money that way, or you can work for digital marketing agencies. Copywriting is a good high income skill to pair with digital marketing for the best results.

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6. Online Course Creation

Creating online courses has become increasingly popular in recent years. To start, you would create a course and sell it to people who are interested in what your course is about.

If you are knowledgeable about a certain topic, make a course and sell it to people! You do not need to have a large following to start either.

How to Start Learning Online Course Creation

The best way to start is by using online learning platforms like Teachable or Thinkific to create and design your course completely for free.

You can also create your own website as well. Creating your own website gives you more freedom in how you want to price your course and how it is designed.

How To Use This Skill

Once you create your course, you will be able to sell it to others in exchange for the information on your course’s subject.

7. Email Marketing

Email marketing is when you send emails to a group of people with the intention of selling products or services.

Typically this involves building an email list with people that are interested in a certain topic or niche.

The content that is sent out to these contacts usually contains helpful or interesting information that contains links to whatever product or service you are promoting.

How to Start Learning Email Marketing

There are a ton of email marketing courses online. If you pair email marketing with copywriting, you will get great results.

How To Use This Skill

This high income skill is used once you build an email list, usually around 1,000 people or more. Once you build up your list you can then start promoting your products or services.

These can be products or services that you created or affiliate products. Both are great ways to make a lot of money with email marketing.

8. Web Designer

A web designer creates websites using website builders like WordPress or Wix.

Web design has aspects of graphic design tied in with it. Web designers do not have to use their own images. Most web designers use free images available online.

How to Start Learning Web Designing

There are a large number of online courses that teach both the basics and advanced elements of web design.

My recommendation is to create your own website and learn that way. The best way to learn is by actually doing it.

How To Use This Skill

With knowledge about web design, you can work as a freelancer. Alternatively, you can work for a company and help them design their website.

Typically you can expect to make more money with web design by doing freelance work and charge your own rates.

9. Podcaster

A podcaster creates audio content to either inform listeners on a subject or entertain them. Both can be very valuable.

How to Start Learning Podcasting

If you are knowledgeable about a topic, make a podcast about it. If you are funny and entertaining create a podcast to show off your skills.

How To Use This Skill

You can use this skill to either create your own podcast or join another podcast. There are plenty of online platforms to get started for free. You make money through ad revenue after you have to build a decent-sized following.

10. Web Developer

Web developers are usually the people who understand the back end of website building. These are the people who are knowledgeable in JavaScript, CSS, and many others.

Think of a web developer as a web designer but without a website builder like WordPress. Web developers handle the more technical aspects of website creation.

How to Start Learning Web Developing

There are a bunch of online courses that will teach you how to get started with web developing.

How To Use This Skill

As a web developer you can work as a freelancer and take on jobs or you can work for other companies. It is completely up to you.

11. Sales

Every job requires sales in some way or another. Companies are always hiring salespeople to sell their products or services to others.

How to Start Learning Sales

Learning sales can be done but a lot of it is also based on talent. The most successful people are typically outgoing people with big personalities.

This being said you can still put in the effort to learn the right sales techniques to become an even greater salesperson.

How To Use This Skill

If you can sell products, you can make money. There are a ton of companies that will pay you to join their sales team. Car dealerships are a great example of how salespeople are needed for them to turn a profit.

12. YouTube Creator

There are many creators on YouTube that have started and over time grew a pretty large following.

Many of these creators are making millions of dollars every year just from ad revenue alone!

Big creators are not the only ones making money though. There are channels with only a few thousand followers that make thousands of dollars every single month. You could too!

How to Start Learning YouTube

Starting a YouTube channel is very easy. Making an account is completely free and you can get started today.

Figure out what content you enjoy making that people will watch and start posting videos. Over time your channel will grow and you will be able to monetize it.

The trick is getting more traffic to your content. After all more traffic and views equals more money.

Video Marketing Blaster makes it easy to rank your videos on both YouTube and Google giving you a much larger reach. Using this you can easily be able

How To Use This Skill

The best way to use this skill is to create your own account and start producing content. Continue to grow your YouTube channel until you make a substantial income.

Find a way to stand out from other creators and the views will come.

13. Real Estate

Real estate is a very popular way of making money that has been around for decades. You can go out and invest in real estate yourself, buy rental properties, flip real estate, or even wholesale.

There are plenty of different ways to make money with real estate.

How to Start Learning Real Estate

Depending upon what part of real estate you want to get started in will have different requirements. The best way to start learning how to make money with real estate is by going on YouTube and watching real estate content for free.

How To Use This Skill

You can start making money with real estate by house hacking, buying rental properties, flip houses, or wholesale.

14. Social Media Marketing

Social media marketers sell products and services using social media sites such as Instagram, Facebook, Tik Tok, and others.

Life coaches, motivational speakers, and various businesses could be potential clients. Social media markers help people to communicate and network using social media. Most social media marketers’ clients do not have the necessary time needed to run everything themselves.

How to Start Learning Social Media Marketing

You can get started today posting content for businesses. If you have used any sort of social media in the past it is pretty easy to get started.

How To Use This Skill

Social media markets are needed by people and companies who do not have the time to manage their social media themselves. You can work as a social media marketer as a freelancer and easily make a decent amount of money posting content.

>>Get paid to post on social media<<

15. Public Speaker

For all the outgoing people out there, consider public speaking. If you are knowledgeable on a certain subject and people will pay to see you speak on that subject, you can become a public speaker.

Public speakers could make anywhere from $1,000 to up to six figures per speaking event. Some public speakers decide to promote a book that can provide added income (always a bonus).

How to Start Learning Public Speaking

There are a bunch of public speaking videos with tips and techniques to improve your public speaking abilities.

How To Use This Skill

If you are able to tell a story and provide value to your audience you can make a significant income from public speaking. Pretty much anyone can become a public speaker if they have done something that others find interesting.

16. Software Developer

Software developers are needed whenever computers are used. Usually, software developers create apps that can then be monetized in a variety of ways. Developing a mobile app is a small part of software development.

How to Start Learning Software Developing

There are a lot of online classes that can teach you to program. Many software developers are self-taught and make a ton of money every year.

How To Use This Skill

You can use your software developing skills to create an app that can then be monetized in a variety of ways. One way to monetize it is to charge a one-time purchase fee.

17. Cyber Security

With everything moving online we rely more and more on technology. As the popularity of the internet increases so do our chances of cyberattacks.

With cyber-attacks increasing all around the world, there is a need for increased protection against these attacks.

How to Start Learning How to Teach or Train

Understanding cybersecurity trends, Java, C++, TCP/IP stack, OSI model, security methodologies, and bash are a few things to start learning if you want to get into cybersecurity.

College is not always a requirement to get a job in cyber security, especially if you make your own business.

How To Use This Skill

There are tons of jobs related to cybersecurity such as cryptanalysts, security consultants, security engineers, and plenty more.

These jobs usually pay very good salaries. It is not uncommon to get a cybersecurity job and make six figures a year.

18. Audio Production

Audio production is when you use certain audio production tools to create high quality, professional-sounding audio tracks.

How to Start Learning Audio Production

Just like some of the other skills on this list, you can learn audio production through online tutorials and courses for the required software tools.

How To Use This Skill

You can use this skill in many different ways. Professional sounding audio is important when creating podcasts, video soundtracks, or even music tracks.

If you work as a freelancer you could easily make a lot of money with this high income skill.

19. UX Design

This very popular high income skill is always in demand in today’s technological market. UX designers typically check various products such as websites or apps, to make sure they have a good user experience.

UX designers require a multitude of business aspects such as technology, market research, and design. This means that learning UX design will take a bit longer than some of the other high income skills on this list.

A good way to start learning UX design is by taking online courses from CodeAcademy.

How To Use This Skill

Many companies will pay a lot of money for a well-skilled UX designer. Many UX designers easily make six figures every year.

20. Translation

As our world becomes more connected with technology there will be language barriers to overcome. This is why translators are always in need.

How to Start Learning Translation

There are apps such as Duolingo that make learning a new language simple.

How To Use This Skill

The highest-paid translation languages are Italian, Spanish, Russian, French, German, Arabic, and Japanese.

21. Video Production

Video is one of the most powerful types of media in today’s content-driven world. People are much more likely to watch a video than to read text.

This is why video production is such a sought-after skill by companies.

How to Start Learning Video Production

There are video production courses online that can help you learn the ins and outs of creating good video content.

How To Use This Skill

You can work as a freelancer and provide your services to businesses who want and need better advertisements. Alternatively, you can work for a video production company and easily earn a six-figure salary.

22. Financial Skills

Having someone who is financially literate and skilled is a HUGE bonus to a company.

The finance industry is absolutely massive and there are so many jobs to choose from. The best part is some don’t even require a college degree.

A lot of times experience outshines a degree. Accounting, for example, some places let you start as a bookkeeper and work your way up to higher positions.

How to Start Learning Financial Skills

The internet is going to be your best choice when you start learning financial skills. Work up to a point where you are knowledgeable on a certain niche within the finance industry such as bookkeeping and work your way up.

As you gain more and more experience you will start earning higher salaries easily pushing you over the six-figure threshold.

How To Use This Skill

You can use this high income skill to work for another finance company and earn a solid annual salary.

Having financial skills will also help you in your personal life. Being able to make smart decisions with your money will often result in you leading a more free life without any financial burdens.

23. Animator

Becoming an animator has been made easier due to the fact that you do not even know how to draw to begin. There are platforms online that have their own characters and images for you to easily make animated videos.

How to Start Learning How to Animate

There are a ton of tutorials available online that can help you learn animation software. Following these tutorials is a good way to start building your animation skills.

How To Use This Skill

Creating animated videos to market products for yourself or other businesses is a great way to make money from animation


As you can see there are a large number of high income skills to choose from. Anyone can start learning these skills today and start earning a solid income.

These high income skills do not require a college degree. With the right amount of experience, over time you can easily start making six figures or even more!

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