17 Best Online Paid Focus Groups in 2022: Make $300/hour

People participating in focus groups.

How to Make up to $300/hour or more with Online Paid Focus Groups.

Everyone has opinions of some sort. Whether it be for politics or makeup products, you can take part in paid focus groups and make $300 per hour or more.

Both big and small businesses use research companies to figure out trends and better their business plans.

These research companies pay focus groups to help them gather information about various topics. People like yourself can make a lot of money by participating in these groups.

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What are Focus Groups

Focus groups are a form of market research similar to surveys. The goal of focus groups is to get different opinions and stats to help companies improve their products, predict trends, or create new ones.

You can attend paid focus groups both online and in-person, showing up at a certain location.

The best side hustles are the ones where you can earn money from anywhere, such as your home. This is why online focus groups can be an amazing opportunity for making money online.

If you want to learn about other side hustles that make a ton of money, check out these.

How to Choose the Best Online Paid Focus Groups

One major thing to keep in mind when choosing paid focus groups is information security.

Many honest research companies take your information security very seriously.

Protecting their participant’s information is extremely important to them. It can be very damaging to their reputation if something went wrong on their part.

Checking reviews about companies you want to work with are very important so you can get an idea of the companies image and reputation.

Here are the best online paid focus groups in 2022. Find one that you like the most, and start making money with online focus groups by sharing your opinion.

17 Best Online Paid Focus Groups in 2022

1. User Interviews

User Interviews is a user research platform that recruits research participants to share their opinions.

They pay anywhere from $10-100 per survey.

2. Survey Junkie

Survey Junkie is an extremely popular online survey platform that allows you to easily earn money completing surveys.

They allow you to earn points that can be redeemed for gift cards.

It’s a very easy way to earn money online that pays anywhere from $2-75 per survey.

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3. Google Usability

You can join Google User Research and complete a survey from Google.

After completing this survey you can either redeem it for a gift card or donate the money to a charity.

This is a good way to start out making money with focus groups and pays about $75 per hour.

4. Recruit and Field

Recruit and Field is a national market research company that conducts both online and in-person surveys.

These surveys usually pay $100-275 per hour.

5. FocusGroup.com

This is a market research company that will pay you for taking part in studies either online, on the telephone, or in-person.

They pay $75-150 per survey.

6. American Consumer Opinion

American Consumer Opinion pays you to share your opinions and ideas with online surveys.

They say the average survey takes about ten minutes and can pay up to $50 per survey.

7. Mindswarms

Mindswarms is a global digital market research firm that offers video surveys.

If recording yourself answering questions sounds like something you’re interested in, they pay about $50 per study.

8. Plaza Research

Plaza Research conducts paid studies by visiting one of their 14 research facilities or taking part in their online and telephone studies.

You can make anywhere from $50 to $200 in a two-hour session.

9. Survey Feeds

Survey Feeds offers paid surveys, research studies, and focus groups. Some of these research opportunities are online and pay pretty good amounts.

You can earn about $300 for every online study.

10. Ipsos i-say

This survey site offers a ton of different rewards for your opinion. Rewards include cash payments, gift cards, merchandise, etc.

They pay anywhere from $50-100 per hour.

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11. 20|20

20|20 is an online research site that lets you give your opinion to companies.

You can make between $50-150 per survey.

12. WatchLab

Watchlab is another website that pays you to take part in focus groups.

You can share your opinion either online, in-home or in-person.

They pay between $100-175 for 1-2 hours of your time with their focus groups.

13. Experience Dynamics

Experience Dynamics offers a wide variety of user research studies. Some of these studies include online focus groups and online surveys.

You can expect to make between $50-150 per study.

14. Survey Squad

Survey Squad has a couple of options for you to make money. They let you fill out surveys for points that can later be redeemed for cash, gift cards, products, etc.

On top of filling out surveys, you can also take part in online focus groups for payments between $50-250.

15. SIS International Research

SIS International Research is another global market research company that offers focus groups to gather data on a variety of subjects.

They pay about $150 per hour.

16. Respondent

Respondent conducts online and in-person research studies and pays on average $140 an hour.

17. Engage Studies

Engage Studies will pay you between $50-250 to take part in their focus groups.

Common Focus Group Questions

Here are a couple of the most common focus group questions that you might have.

How much do focus groups pay?

Focus groups can pay quite well. Payment can easily be between $150 to $300 on average.

Is there such thing as an online focus group?

There are a ton of different companies that conduct online focus groups.

This makes it a good side hustle that can be done from literally anywhere with an internet connection!

Where can I find legit paid focus groups?

The companies on this list are all good places to start looking for paid focus groups. Find a company that you are interested in, research it a bit, and get started!

Make sure to do your own research. As stated previously, this is very important when selecting the right online focus group company.


You can make quite a bit of money from focus groups. The goal is to find the high-paying ones and stay away from the low-paying ones.

Focus groups can be a good side hustle to earn some extra cash. Some can be about pretty interesting topics, with the added bonus of getting paid by participating.

If you enjoyed this article on the best online paid focus groups in 2022, check out our other articles below.

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