9 Best Ways to Start a Business at 15 (2024)

How to start a business at 15.

The amount of people looking to start a business as a teenager has skyrocketed in recent years. If you want to learn how to start a business at 15, this is the perfect article for you!

If you are looking to start a business as a 15-year-old, you will need to create a website, make a plan, and pick the right product or service to sell. Marketing your business the right way is another important tip for starting a business at 15.

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Can a 15 Year Old Own a Business?

A 15-year-old can own a business. Of course, there are various legal requirements to abide by depending on where you live. But at 15, you can start your own business and begin making money.

What Business Can a 15-Year-Old Start?

The best types of businesses for 15-year-olds to start are online businesses. This is because a lot of them have relatively low starting costs compared to ‘traditional’ businesses that cannot be run online.

Examples of online businesses include starting a blog, affiliate marketing, and dropshipping.

Online businesses can help you start making money online from home. You get to have the luxury of choosing when and where you work.

If you are looking for a business to start from your home, check out our guide on how to make money blogging for more information.

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9 Tips For Starting a Business at 15

Here are 9 tips for starting a business at 15 in 2024.

1. Create a Website

Creating a website for your business is absolutely necessary for today’s market. A website serves as a kind of hub for all your business activities.

Some businesses put what the purpose of their business is on their website. Some use it as a landing page that directs customers to your offer.

Whatever the reason is, you need to create a website for your business. Just make sure to use a professional domain name and invest in paid hosting.

Bluehost is what I have used to run all my websites for a long time. They offer very affordable, high-quality web hosting fit for any business.

2. Make a Plan

Making a plan that details how you are going to go about starting your business at 15 is very important. This plan should include your business’s marketing strategy, how you utilize social media, and any other necessary tasks to run your business.

Basically, think about what needs to get done in order to fully start your own business and write it out in your plan. Feel free to refer back to this article when making your business plan.

3. Pick The Right Product or Service

Picking the right product or service is very much necessary when starting a business. Choosing the wrong product could lead to no one buying it and your time and potentially money being wasted.

This is why picking the right product to sell is something every 15-year-old business owner should spend time on.

4. Stay Professional

No matter what type of business you run, it’s important to always stay professional as a 15-year-old business owner. This might be as simple as proofreading your work to make sure there are no spelling mistakes.

Grammarly makes it easy to spell-check your work as a business. Grammarly offers a free plan so you can avoid any embarrassing spelling mistakes in your business writing.

Other than the importance of proofreading, every other aspect of your business should be conducted professionally. Everything from customer service to dealing and communicating with suppliers.

A professional business is a profitable business. If you can stay professional when running your business at 15, people will see your business as an authority and want to buy from you.

5. Go For The Gap in The Market

When you are first starting your business at 15, you need to identify a gap in the market and try to fill it. If you see your competitors have slow shipping times, offer faster shipping times.

In the case of shipping speeds, you could go out and find a supplier who can deliver your product more efficiently. If your competitors are offering two-week shipping times, but you are offering one-week delivery, which business is going to get more customers? Most likely the business with the fastest shipping times.

Faster delivery times are only one example of filling a gap in the market. Finding a gap in the market will help you differentiate your business from the rest.

After all, you are trying to convince your customers to purchase from your business and not your competitors. By going for the gap in the market you can do just that.

6. Use Social Media

Learning how to use social media correctly is a huge part of running a profitable business and gaining recognition. Social media is usually the go-to for businesses looking for free advertising.

Advertising your business on popular social media platforms like Instagram, TikTok or Pinterest is a great way to get free promotion.

Many small businesses consistently on Instagram and have amassed huge followings. You can check out our article on the best Instagram post and story ideas if you are struggling to figure out what to post.

But overall, social media is hands down the best way to get more potential customers to see your business.

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7. Marketing

Marketing a business might seem like a complicated endeavor as a 15-year-old, but it’s actually quite easy if done right.

You can expand your marketing efforts by creating a website for your business, promoting on social media, and growing your email list. Of course, there are other ways to market your business. But those are three of the best ways to market your business to others.

As a 15-year-old business owner, it is probably best to pick one or two marketing strategies when first starting out. As you get your business established, you can look for additional ways to market your business.

8. Invest Into The Business

Investing in your business as the owner is going to be an important part of growing your business. This does not necessarily have to mean investing money either.

At 15, there’s a good chance that you have got more time than money. You should be investing a lot of your extra time towards growing your business. If you are really serious about becoming an entrepreneur and making money from your business, investing your valuable time is needed.

However, if you want to invest money into your business, maybe to pay for advertising, there are a ton of ways to earn some extra money.

Completing paid online surveys is a great way to earn money online that could be invested into your business. One of the best online survey sites is Survey Junkie. They make it easy for anyone to start making money online from paid surveys.

9. Stay Motivated

It’s important to stay motivated when you start your first business at 15. There are going to be good days and bad days, just like anything else.

However, even when business is slow, you shouldn’t let that get to you. You need to keep moving forward to better the business.

That’s how you will reach your goals and get where you want to be; by staying motivated and continuously putting in the work.


If you are willing to put in the work and want to start your own business at 15, do it!

Being your own boss is extremely rewarding. On top of that, if you run a profitable business, it can really help you work towards becoming financially free.

Feel free to refer back to this article when starting your business. It can be a lot of information to take in and remember all at once. Remember, starting a business is a journey and not something that will happen overnight.

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