9 Best Ways to Become an Entrepreneur at 14 (2022)

How to become an entrepreneur at 14.

Entrepreneurship is on the rise as more and more teens look to start their own businesses and live life on their own terms. Below are the nine best tips for those looking for how to become an entrepreneur at 14.

You can become an entrepreneur at 14 by continuously learning new things, doing something fun, improving your skills, and forming connections. Investing in yourself, learning how to manage your time, and understanding that it is not a race are other important tips for becoming an entrepreneur at 14.

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9 Tips For Becoming An Entrepreneur At 14

Here are 9 tips for becoming an entrepreneur at 14 in 2022.

1. Focus On Learning

Entrepreneurs need to be continuously learning new things. By focusing on developing your skills you will be able to more efficiently run whatever business endeavor you decide to start.

This might be learning new social media marketing skills. High-income skills such as copywriting are very important to learn as an entrepreneur.

2. Do Something Fun

As a 14-year-old entrepreneur looking to start a business, it’s important to choose a business that is fun.

What do I mean by fun? I mean do something that you find enjoyment in doing. You’re only 14, you’ve got your whole life ahead of you. These are the years to find out what you like doing. Worrying about starting a business that is extremely profitable can come later.

A business that many 14-year-old entrepreneurs are starting is dropshipping. It’s a very popular business model for teens because there is no inventory needed to be kept. All you do is find a product to sell, advertise it, sell it for a marked-up price, and ship it directly from the supplier to the customer.

You get to keep the profits off each sale. Many teens are making thousands of dollars a day from dropshipping!

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3. Improve Your Skills

Improving your existing skills is another important tip for teen entrepreneurs. Perhaps you are really good at writing SEO-optimized blog posts for your blog. The business world of blogging is consistently changing which means bloggers need to constantly improve their skills.

Now, you might not be wanting to start a blogging business, but the same idea applies to pretty much any business.

4. Form Connections

Forming connections as an entrepreneur is absolutely vital. Networking and making connections is not as hard as you imagine it is.

Oftentimes, you end up making these connections as you grow your business. Especially as you grow your social media following.

Check out these articles for social media tips and tutorials.

5. Think Long Term

Becoming an entrepreneur takes time. It is extremely rare that one can simply just become an entrepreneur by starting a business and make a ton of money overnight.

Entrepreneurship is rewarding, especially if you start at a young age. You will have more time to learn, figure out what you like to do, and obtain valuable skills that can help you for the rest of your life.

Becoming an entrepreneur at 14 can seem exciting. But it’s important to think long-term and realize that if you are serious about this, it is going to be a time commitment.

6. Manage Your Time

Properly managing your time is something that every 14-year-old entrepreneur needs to learn. It is easy to get side-tracked and get distracted, especially with all our phones and computers.

When you sit down to work on your business, remove any distractions and you will have a much more productive time working.

Another great tip for managing your time is to create a schedule of a list of all the tasks you need to complete every day. Update the list weekly or daily. This list should include everything important that needs to get done. This might involve any school assignments, creating content for your business, or even posting on your business’s social media.

7. It’s Not a Race

Becoming an entrepreneur at 14 should not be viewed as a race that needs to be completed as fast as possible. Similar to what was talked about previously, becoming an entrepreneur takes time, and it’s a long-term commitment.

Those looking to become an entrepreneur and make quick money will most likely be disappointed. It takes time to grow your business’s following online, learn how to market correctly, and produce high-quality content.

Entrepreneurship is not a race, especially at 14. If you are truly serious about starting your own business, understand it might take months, or even years before you start seeing the desired results.

On the flip side, however, teens have also made money fairly quickly, like within a matter of weeks after starting an online business. You can check out this article on how to make money online from home to get some ideas.

8. Learn From Others

Everyone can learn something from others who have been successful in their desired industry. Think about where you want to be in ten years and find someone who is already in that position.

What are they doing right? What mistakes have they made? This person might be a social media influencer, business owner, investor, the list goes on.

The people you should learn from will vary on a case-by-case basis. Everyone has different goals and dreams. Find out what yours are and learn from others who have already achieved them.

9. Invest In Yourself

As you grow as an entrepreneur it will be important to invest in yourself in a variety of different ways. Maybe you want to learn how to become a better marketer. Perhaps you want to learn how to start a new type of business.

Even just reading this article is a form of investing in yourself. At 14, you are looking to become an entrepreneur. Everyone starts somewhere. The more you invest in yourself, the more of an asset you become to your business. Every entrepreneur wants to be an asset to their business.


Any teenager can become an entrepreneur. If you are 14 and want to start your own business and lead an entrepreneurial life, do it!

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