Georgia (Country) Income Tax Calculator

Overview of Georgia (Country) Salary Calculator

In Georgia, personal income is taxed at a flat rate of 20%. Micro businesses with annual turnover under 30,000 GEL are tax-exempt. Small businesses with turnover under GEL 500,000 pay 1% tax, increasing to 3% above this threshold.

Effortlessly calculate your income taxes and relevant social security contributions using our Georgia (Country) salary calculator.

Calculate Your Georgia (Country) Salary After Taxes

To use the Georgia (Country) income tax calculator, simply input your gross income and income type to begin.

Georgia (Country) Income Tax

Notice: This calculator currently computes Personal Income Tax (PIT) and all necessary social security contributions.

Convert Your Salary To GEL

TaxAssist+ from The Next Gen Business is a tax calculation tool, tailored to use each country’s local currency for precision and simplicity.

To fully utilize this feature, please convert your native currency into GEL, ensuring accurate and efficient tax computations.

📌 What Is the Average Salary in Georgia (Country)?

Nestled in the Caucasus Mountains, Georgia’s average monthly salary of GEL 1,400 (GEL 16,800 annually) necessitates a thrifty approach.

Tbilisi’s GEL 1,400 navigates daily life, focusing on essentials and community in a culturally rich city.

📌 What Is the Minimum Wage in Georgia (Country)?

Georgia has a nominal minimum wage of ₾20 (USD 8) per month for private sector workers, but this is not applied in practice; public employees have higher set minimum wages, with specific rates for doctors and nurses in the state’s universal healthcare program.

📌 What Are The Types of Taxes in Georgia (Country)?

Georgia imposes a flat personal income tax rate of 20%.

Corporations are taxed at a flat rate of 20%.

VAT is set at 18%.


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Step-by-Step Calculation Process:

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