Countries That Start With K

Below is a comprehensive list of countries whose names begin with the letter “K.”

Country Starts With “K”
Kazakhstan Yes
Kenya Yes
Kiribati Yes
Kuwait Yes
Kyrgyzstan Yes

Countries That Start With K by Country


Starts With K: Yes

Kazakhstan is a transcontinental country, with a larger part of its territory located in Central Asia. It is rich in natural resources, including oil and minerals, and has a rapidly developing economy. Its vast landscape comprises arid steppes, mountain ranges, and large cities that reflect both its modern and historical influences.


Starts With K: Yes

Kenya is located in East Africa and is known for its diverse landscapes that range from coastal plains to mountain ranges. The country has a mixed economy that combines both traditional and modern industries. Tourism, particularly wildlife safaris, is a significant sector, although the country faces various challenges including corruption and poverty.


Starts With K: Yes

Kiribati is an island nation in the central Pacific Ocean, comprised of 33 atolls and reef islands. Known for its vibrant culture and stunning natural beauty, it faces severe environmental challenges, including the risk of being submerged due to rising sea levels.


Starts With K: Yes

Kuwait is a country in Western Asia, located at the tip of the Persian Gulf. It has one of the world’s highest per capita incomes, primarily due to its extensive natural oil reserves. The country has a relatively open economy but is politically less liberal, with a hereditary emirate system in place.


Starts With K: Yes

Kyrgyzstan is a landlocked country in Central Asia, known for its mountainous terrain. The country has significant deposits of gold and other minerals, and agriculture plays a vital role in its economy. It faces challenges in political stability and has undergone several regime changes in recent years.


How many countries start with K?

There are 5 countries whose names start with the letter “K.”

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