7 Best Ways to Start a Business at 19 (2024)

How to start a business at 19.

In recent years, an increasing amount of people are looking to start their own business and make a full-time income. If you want to learn how to start a business at 19, this is the article for you!

If you are looking to start a business as a 19-year-old, you will need to learn how to utilize social media, make a professional website, and pick the right monetization method. Networking and creating a content schedule are other important parts of starting a business at 19.

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Can I Start a Business at 19?

At 19, you can start your own business and begin generating an income. There is no age limit to entrepreneurship and any 19-year-old with a good business idea could start.

What Business Can a 19-Year-Old Start?

A dropshipping or blogging business are both popular businesses to start at 19 that can be extremely profitable. Both have relatively low start-up costs and can be set up and ready to go within a day.

Other businesses to start at 19 could be a print-on-demand business, starting a podcast, or even a graphic design business.

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How to Start a Business at 19 in 2024

1. Utilize Social Media

Every business needs to be taking advantage of social media in 2024. It is literally free advertising and promotion for your products and services.

Social media makes it easy for you to put your business in a place to reach a large range of people without spending thousands on ads.

Instagram and Pinterest are both great social media platforms to use if your business can produce high-quality photo content.

Pinterest in particular lets you directly link to your website or online store from any pins that you post.

YouTube and TikTok are platforms that are heavily focused on video content. If you prefer making videos to advertise your business, these platforms will be your best bet.

2. Make a Professional Website

A professional-looking website is an important part of every business. With the popularity of the internet and everything being online businesses have needed to expand their online presence in recent years.

For those first looking to start a business at 19, a website should be one of the first things you create. Starting your first website is very easy as well.

All you have to do is choose a reliable web hosting provider like Bluehost and build the website using WordPress.

Bluehost makes it easy to start building a professional website. There are thousands of themes to choose from on WordPress that make it super simple for anyone to start.

You do not need any coding or website design experience to start building your own website for your business.

Themes and plugins let you customize your website however you like so you can get that personalized feel.

Building a professional website might seem like a lot of work initially but using Bluehost it’s a lot easier.

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3. Pick a Monetization Method

Picking a monetization method is another important part of starting a business at 19. The right monetization method can lead you to run a profitable business. However, on the other hand, picking a bad monetization method can cause you to lose customers and money.

Examples of monetization methods include paid advertisements, affiliate marketing, sponsorships or even selling products or services.

The type of business you decide to start will heavily influence the monetization method you should choose.

For example, take starting a blogging business. Putting advertisements and linking to affiliate products would work best for this type of business.

But some bloggers might only choose to focus on paid sponsorships and miss out on other potential income streams like display ads.

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4. Accounting and Invoicing

Accounting and invoicing are both important aspects of running a business. Business owners need to be especially aware of accounting when running their business. Poor accounting might lead to potential consequences where you might need to pay a lot of money to fix any problems that might arise.

This is why if you are planning on starting your own business at 19, you need to use FreshBooks. FreshBooks is an invoicing and accounting software specially made for small businesses and even freelancers.

FreshBooks makes it extremely easy to start and even offers a free trial.

5. Network

Networking is needed in some form in every business. There are many benefits to networking. But one of the best benefits is the ability to exchange information with those who are more experienced.

At 19 it is very rare that you know everything that pertains to your business. Most likely there are people who are running a successful business in your niche that you could potentially learn from.

Communicating with people who are making ten times, if not, a hundred times what you are can be very beneficial. As a 19-year-old business owner you should be trying to learn everything there is to running a profitable business. Talking to those who are already making six figures a year, or even a month, could lead you to obtain crucial information.

For example, imagine you were talking to someone making six figures a year running the same business you are. If that person said email marketing was how they make that amount of money. But you don’t have an email list, you would want to start one right?

Without proper networking, you would have never known that email marketing was key to making six figures a year with your business.

6. Create a Content Schedule

As a business, creating content should be one of your highest priorities. Without high-quality content, how do you expect others to find out about your business?

Having a good content strategy could make or break a business. This means you need to create a content schedule.

But what is a content schedule? A content schedule is just a way to organize all the content that you need to put out for your business.

For example, social media is one of the easiest ways to put out content that advertises your business. Perhaps you wanted to post twice a day on Instagram and once a day on Pinterest or TikTok.

This would be the start of your content schedule. Creating a blog and publishing blog posts could be another source of content that advertises your business.

The type of content you want to put out and advertise your business with is up to you. The most important part of a content schedule is it is a way for you to stay consistent.

You never want to stop promoting your business. Especially when social media is readily available and very easy to use.

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7. Stay Consistent

Staying consistent is key to running a successful business and making a full-time income as an entrepreneur at 19.

Consistently is what separates successful business owners from unsuccessful ones. A successful business owner knows that you can just post once on social media and expect to make money instantly. That would be unrealistic and wishful thinking.

Instead, what you should do is consistently push out content and engage with your audience on a regular basis. This will lead to more customers, sales, and an overall more profitable business.


At 19-years-old starting your own business and making money from it is one hundred percent possible. If you are willing to stay consistent, understand it takes hard work and dedication, you could definitely succeed.

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