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Belize Country Code 501

Country Calling Code

The country calling code is 501


The 3 digit ISO is BLZ


The 2 digit ISO is BZ

How To Call Belize:

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Belize is identified by its BZ and BLZ codes, with a top-level domain of bz. Its FIPS code is BH, and it is assigned the ISO numeric code 84.

The nation is also recognized by its Geoname ID 3582678 and E164 code 501. Its phone code is 501.

The GeoName ID for this country is 3582678


The phone code for this country is 501

Phone Code

This country falls under the continent North America


The capital city’s is Belmopan


The time zone in the capital city is America/Belize

Time Zone in Capital

The currency used in this country is Dollar


Languages for this country include en-BZ es

Language Codes

The number of internet hosts in this country is 3392

Internet Hosts

The total area of this country in square kilometers is 3392

Area (in square kilometers)

The number of landline phones in use in this country is 25400

Landline Phones

The number of mobile phones in use in this country is 164200

Mobile Phones

The number of internet users in this country is 36000

Internet Users

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