What You Should Know About Sick Days in Ireland

Information on sick leave policies in Ireland, covering employee rights, employer expectations, and managing health-related absences.

In Ireland, employees are legally entitled to a certain number of paid sick days per year. Familiarize yourself with these entitlements, which are determined by the government and may vary based on tenure and employment type.

Company-Specific Sick Leave Policies

Individual companies in Ireland may have their own sick leave policies that offer additional benefits beyond the legal minimum. It’s important to understand your employer’s specific policy.

Notification and Certification Requirements

When taking sick leave, you’re usually required to notify your employer as soon as possible. For extended absences, a medical certificate from a GP may be required to validate the leave.

Understanding Statutory Sick Pay (SSP)

Ireland’s Statutory Sick Pay (SSP) scheme provides financial support to employees during sick leave. Understand how this scheme works, including eligibility criteria and how it affects your income.

The Impact of Sick Leave on Employment Rights

Taking legitimate sick leave should not negatively impact your employment rights. However, it’s crucial to adhere to your employer’s sick leave policy and notification requirements.

Managing Long-Term Illness and Absences

Long-term illness or chronic conditions require special management. Discuss your situation with your employer to understand your rights and any support available, such as adjusted duties or flexible working arrangements.

Return-to-Work Process After Sick Leave

Upon returning to work after sick leave, you may need to follow a specific return-to-work process. This might include a phased return or adjustments to your workload to ease back into work.

Sick Leave and Mental Health Days

Mental health is increasingly recognized as a valid reason for sick leave in Ireland. If you’re struggling with mental health issues, know that you have the right to take time off for recovery.

Balancing Sick Leave with Work Commitments

Balance your sick leave with your work commitments responsibly. While health should always be a priority, maintaining open communication with your employer during your absence helps manage workload and expectations.

Part-time employees in Ireland have proportional sick leave rights based on their working hours. Understand how your part-time status affects your sick leave entitlements and any associated pay.

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