Vacation Policies in Germany: What You Need to Know

Vacation policies in Germany are quite generous. This guide helps you understand your entitlements, how to plan your holidays, and the cultural norms surrounding vacation in the German workplace.

Familiarize yourself with the legal vacation entitlements in Germany. The statutory minimum is 20 workdays per year for a 5-day work week, but many employers offer more.

Typical Vacation Policies in German Companies

Understand typical vacation policies in German companies. While legal entitlements provide a baseline, many companies have their own policies, often more generous than the statutory minimum.

Negotiating Additional Vacation Days

Learn about negotiating additional vacation days. In some cases, particularly for senior or highly skilled positions, you might be able to negotiate extra days as part of your employment contract.

Planning and Approval Process for Time Off

Get to know the planning and approval process for vacation time in your workplace. This usually involves submitting requests in advance and coordinating with colleagues and supervisors to ensure coverage.

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Public Holidays and Their Impact on Vacation

Factor in public holidays when planning your vacation, as these can extend your time off. Germany has several public holidays, and they vary by state (Bundesland).

Unused Vacation Days: Carryover and Payout

Understand the rules regarding unused vacation days. In Germany, unused days usually carry over to the next calendar year and may be subject to payout if not used by a certain deadline.

Balancing Workload Before and After Vacation

Balance your workload effectively before and after vacations. Plan ahead to complete important tasks and delegate responsibilities to ensure a smooth transition.

Sabbaticals and Extended Leave Options

Explore options for sabbaticals and extended leave, which some companies in Germany offer. These are longer periods of time off that can be used for personal or professional development.

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Cultural Attitudes Towards Vacation

Recognize the cultural attitudes towards vacation in Germany, where taking regular holidays is considered important for well-being and productivity, and is generally encouraged and respected.

Managing Work Responsibilities During Absences

Manage your work responsibilities effectively during absences. This might involve preparing handover notes, setting up out-of-office replies, and ensuring colleagues are briefed on ongoing projects.

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