Moving From New York to Florida

Dreaming of swapping bustling cityscapes for sandy beaches and balmy breezes? A Florida relocation might be on your horizon. But before packing your bags, dive deeper into the Sunshine State’s allure and potential drawbacks.

New York To Florida Overview

Cost of Living: A Breath of Fresh Air

Florida beckons with a 23.3% lower overall cost of living compared to the U.S. average. Renting an apartment shaves off 26.7%, while property ownership brings savings of 9% on property crime rates. Taxes also offer relief, with no state income tax to bite into your income. However, be mindful of the 23.1% higher violent crime rate.

Travel Time: A Breeze or a Marathon?

Flights whisk you from New York to Florida in 2.9-3.1 hours, costing between $59 and $225. Opting for a road trip stretches the journey to 18-19 hours. Choose wisely based on your budget and time constraints.

Housing Market: Finding Your Sunshine Nest

The Florida housing market caters to both renters and buyers. Average monthly rent sits at $1,934, while owning a home sets you back around $407,219. Carefully assess your needs and budget to find the perfect fit.

Taxing Matters: A Tale of Two States

New York residents face a barrage of taxes: federal income, state income, FICA, sales, property, gas, and even death taxes. Florida simplifies things with just federal income, FICA, sales, property, and gas taxes. The result? A potential savings of $8,393 on a $100,000 income.

Insurance: Sunshine Savings

Healthcare takes a lighter toll in Florida, with average costs of $613 compared to New York’s $873. Similarly, car insurance dips from $232 to $213. Enjoy these financial wins while staying covered.

The Verdict: Weighing the Sunshine and Shadows


  • Lower cost of living
  • Affordable housing options
  • No state income tax
  • Lower sales tax
  • Lower property crime rates
  • Reduced property taxes
  • Lower gas taxes
  • More affordable health and car insurance


  • Higher violent crime rates

Ultimately, the decision to move rests on your priorities. Embrace the financial benefits and idyllic lifestyle Florida offers, while acknowledging the increased vigilance required for personal safety.

Remember, this is just a starting point. Conduct thorough research, visit potential neighborhoods, and weigh your personal preferences to make an informed decision. With careful planning and open eyes, your Florida dream can become a sun-kissed reality.

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