7 Best Ways To Invest In Yourself In 2022

There are a lot of ways to invest in yourself by either spending time or money to improve yourself from a mental, physical, emotional, and financial standpoint.

We put together the best ways to invest in yourself in 2022.

It is one of the best forms of investing that is guaranteed to pay you back.

Other forms of investment can get impacted in one way or another.

But investing in yourself is a sure way to help you make better decisions and become a healthier, more intelligent person overall.

Investing in yourself will lead to more opportunities to live a better, more successful life. Financial independence is just one of the many results that come.

It’s crazy how much you can increase your quality of life by following the seven best ways to invest in yourself listed below.

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7 Best Ways to Invest in Yourself in 2022

I have personally done everything on this list and have found these 7 ways to invest in yourself extremely valuable.

You by no means need to start doing everything listed below all at once.

My recommendation is to choose one or two ways to invest in yourself, and eventually move on to others on this list.

Remember, slow progress is better than no progress.

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1. Start a Side Hustle

Invest in yourself by starting a side hustle.

Starting a side hustle is probably one of the best ways to invest in yourself.

Now more than ever people are realizing that a 9 to 5 job is no longer the most secure way of earning a steady income.

Diversifying your income by having multiple income streams is an easy way to become financially independent.

One of the best side hustles to start in 2022 is blogging.

Anyone can start a blog and earn money online. Starting a blog costs less than a cup of coffee every month using Bluehost.

You can literally start a blog about anything as long as there is an audience.

Blogs ranging from gardening to being a mom have made thousands of dollars every month.

You can learn more about starting a blog here.

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2. Additional Education

Obtaining additional education for a higher paycheck is something more and more people are starting to do. Whether it be through a college degree or other high income skills.

It is one of the best ways to make more money to help you work towards financial independence.

There are a lot of ways to learn high income skills and really increase your overall income each month significantly.

Learning digital marketing or copywriting is a couple of examples of high income skills that do not require a college degree but can drastically increase how much you make.

There are a lot of people that feel stuck in their current job and know that they can do better. Additional education and high income skills are good starting points for you to become financially independent.

The earlier you start investing in yourself the better. Work hard right now for an easier future.

3. Set Goals

Without goals, it’s impossible to do anything for good reason. Goals help add structure to one’s life and can be very rewarding when completed.

There are both long-term and short-term goals. Both are equally important when used in the right way.

Personally, I make daily goals so I know exactly what I need to get done. This adds structure to my day and helps me make more progress overall.

I also make longer-term goals such as monthly and annual goals. Every month I create my top three goals. As the month goes on I work to complete these goals.

Completing these goals is very rewarding and gives me a sense of accomplishment.

This not only improves my mental health, but it can also improve other aspects of my life.

For instance, imagine your goal was to go on a ten-minute walk every day. When you complete this goal you have not only worked on your physical health, you are also rewarded with a feeling of accomplishment.

Goals can be both big and small. Typically long-term goals take more to complete compared to short-term goals.

On the other hand, short-term goals can be as simple as reading for 15 minutes a day or working on your side hustle for half an hour daily.

Don’t overcomplicate it. Start by making three monthly goals that you want to complete and one daily goal.

Goals play a huge part when you invest in yourself. After all, there’s a good chance your reading this article in hopes of bettering yourself in some way.

4. Track Expenses

Getting a raise or receiving your first check from a side hustle is an amazing feeling. It can be tempting to go out and reward yourself.

But doing so comes at a cost. A lot of us (myself included) often times spend more than we should.

This is why it’s important to track your expenses.

Knowing how much money is going out and coming in is important when trying to become financially independent.

It’s a good way to hold us accountable so our spending habits do not get out of control.

Tracking expenses is also extremely easy! Thanks to technology there are a TON of free apps that help with this process.

5. Work On Your Physical Health

Working on your physical health is another important way to invest in yourself.

Investing in our physical health ties in with what was talked about previously. Everyone starts somewhere, this is important to realize.

This can be in the form of eating healthier, creating a workout routine, drinking more water, or sleeping more.

It’s important to take care of our physical health because without it we cannot enjoy other aspects of our life.

I first started taking care of my physical health by eating healthier. I found it super easy to precook meals for the week with simple recipes like chicken and rice.

Then I started exercising in some way, whether it be from going on walks or lifting weights.

Now I have a consistent schedule for improving my physical health and couldn’t be happier.

The best tip that I found was to find a form of exercise that is enjoyable.

No one wants to drag themselves through a workout or run. This will ultimately lead to failure and loss of motivation.

There are so many different ways to start working on your physical health. I suggest trying out a few and find the one that works best for you.

If you love running go with that. If you would rather lift weights or do yoga, do those!

6. Save

Invest in yourself by saving more.

Saving in some ways ties into what was talked about earlier with tracking your expenses.

When working towards financial independence the goal is to spend less and make more.

A lot of us like to spend more as our income increases. This is completely normal but something to be aware of.

Once aware of this, it’s easier to start to cut back on expenses and put away more money for the future.

This can be in the form of investments or putting money away in a savings account.

People save money to invest in the stock market, real estate, or their business. All in the hopes of increasing their income overall and working towards financial independence.

7. Find a Business Mentor or Coach

Another huge way to invest in yourself is to find a business mentor or coach.

Learning from other’s successes and failures is a sure way to speed up your journey to success.

We talk a lot about our successes and failures with business ventures on The Next Gen Business.

This is why we created The Next Gen Business. Our goal was to create a place where people can find the best ways to create a business, make more money, and become financially free, all for completely free.

We saw that there were a ton of creators selling overpriced courses containing basic information that should be free.

Everything on The Next Gen Business website is completely free. We guarantee you will learn a thing or two reading our articles.


In order to have a better more fulfilling life, learn to invest in yourself in a variety of ways.

By investing in yourself you can improve your physical and mental health. On top of that, by following the ideas previously talked about, your financial situation will also improve.

If you enjoyed learning about how to invest in yourself in 2022, make sure to check out our other articles below!

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