• Overview of Idaho county data including demographics, home prices, rent, purchasing power, and crime.
  • Idaho Cost of Living Breakdown: Utilities (energy, water, internet, gas), phone, and subscriptions.
  • Idaho Crime Statistics: Population, Overall Crime Rate, Breakdown by Violent & Non-Violent Crimes
  • Job growth rate, unemployment rate, job openings, average wage, and labor force participation
  • State, local, and combined sales tax rates
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Overview of Idaho

Homes in Idaho are more expensive than average at $431,787, but a dollar goes further in this state ($107.80 value). Idaho has a very low property crime rate of only 9.27 incidents per 1,000 people.

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Compared to the national average, Idaho the difference in median home prices is 24.14% – positive being higher than the national average, negative being lower. The difference in the value of $100 is 4.35% – positive meaning you can buy more with $100, negative meaning less.

Average rent disparity compared to the national average is -3.23% and property crime is -50.99%.

Cost of Living in Idaho

The average monthly cost of living expenses in Idaho including: energy, internet, phone bills and miscellaneous expenses.

Crime in Idaho

Typical crime rates in Idaho including: Crime Rate Per 100k Residents, Violent Crime Per 100k Residents, and Non-Violent Crime Per 100k Residents.

Jobs in Idaho

Key job metrics including: Unemployment Rate, Average Wage, and Labor Force Participation.

Taxes in Idaho

Tax rates including: state, local, and combined sales tax rate.

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