7 Best Ways to Start a Business with $2000

How to start a business with 2000 dollars.

So you’ve got 2000 dollars laying around and want to start a business. A business that makes money while you sleep can be one of the best investments you will ever make. Here are 7 ways to start a business with 2000 dollars in 2022.

You can start a business with 2000 dollars by forming your business, testing products if needed, using social media ads, and outsourcing tasks for better efficiency. Additionally, you should also make a website and advertise with email marketing.

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Can I Start a Business With 2000 Dollars?

You can start a business with 2000 dollars. Especially if you consider starting an online business such as dropshipping or blogging.

Online businesses tend to have lower start-up costs than other businesses. This makes them perfect for anyone looking to start a business with 2000 dollars.

What Business Can I Start With $2000?

You can start online businesses such as blogging, dropshipping, or affiliate marketing business with $2000. Each business has its own pros and cons. But with online businesses, the start-up costs are so low compared to other businesses, you really can’t go wrong.


One business you could start with $2000 is a blogging business. However, when you hear the word “blogging” you probably picture someone talking about their personal life or how their day went.

These would both be examples of bloggers. But starting a blogging business today means creating a niche website that specifically writes about a certain topic or interest.

Starting a blog does take some time upfront. However, it’s completely possible to start a blog today and within a matter of months, you could be earning a substantial income.

There are a few key steps to starting a blog that you should be aware of. You can check out our guide about how to make money blogging for more information.


For those looking for a more product-centered business, consider starting a dropshipping store. 

Dropshipping has increasingly been gaining popularity in recent years, and for good reason. Starting a store simply means picking a product to sell and making a website.

You can use SaleHoo to find the right product and supplier for your business. Additionally, using Bluehost, you can make a professional website for less than the price of a cup of coffee each month.

From there you are either going to want to promote your product for free using social media or run paid ads.

Affiliate Marketing

For those looking for a very beginner-friendly business to start, affiliate marketing might be a perfect choice. It’s a great business for beginners in particular because of all the different ways to make money.

Finding an affiliate product to promote is free and easy to do. Simply find a product on an affiliate marketplace like ShareASale, or see if your favorite business has its own affiliate program.

After you have chosen an affiliate product, now it’s time to choose a method of advertising. You could start a blog and link to affiliate products. Perhaps you want to go the free route and promote on social media.

If you want to make money online from affiliate marketing, check out Perpetual Income 365. It’s an affiliate marketing program that is specially built for ease of use.

How to Start a Small Business With 2000 Dollars?

You can start a small business with 2000 dollars by forming your business. This can easily be done using ZenBusiness.

Depending on what type of small business you decide to start, you may need to test various products to find the best ones to sell.

Next comes advertising your small business. You can either advertise your business for free using social media or spend money on social media ads for quicker results.

As you get more and more customers, you will most likely need to outsource tasks. Outsourcing work should only be considered if you are already running a profitable business.

Until your business starts generating a significant income, try to do everything yourself to save as much money as possible.

There are a few necessary expenses that come with starting a business. Business formation services and web hosting are a couple of the more important expenses.

7 Ways to Start a Business With $2000 in 2022

Here are the 7 best ways to start a business with $2000 in 2022.

1. Form Your Business

Forming your business is an important first step to starting a business. Using ZenBusiness, you can form your business in the easiest way possible.

ZenBusiness will help you file all of your business’s paperwork quickly and accurately.

2. Social Media Ads

Most of us have used some type of social media. If you have, there’s a good chance you have seen some type of ad that promotes a product or service.

Social media advertising has become one of the best ways to advertise your business online. It’s an incredibly effective way to market your business and increase brand awareness.

Of course, if you have more time than money, organically growing a following on social media can work just as well. However, it will probably take you longer compared to spending money upfront to advertise your product or service.

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3. Test Products If Needed

If you are a product-centered business, consider testing a bunch of different products before selecting one or two to sell.

Of course, every business is different so this might not apply to everyone. However, if you are starting an e-commerce business like dropshipping, it will most likely be in your best interest to test out a few different products. This way you can find out which one sells the best.

Using SaleHoo, you find the perfect product and supplier for your business. They simplify the process of finding the best possible product to sell.

4. Use Accounting and Invoicing Software

Sending out invoices and tracking expenses and revenue are common aspects of running a business. The wrong software can make these tasks much more difficult than they need to be.

Using FreshBooks, you can send professional invoices and take care of all your accounting needs. FreshBooks is specially made for small businesses. So if you are considering starting a business, use their free trial and get started today!

5. Outsource Tasks

When you initially start a business, you might not even consider outsourcing any work. However, all it takes is one viral social media post to completely change your business and really skyrocket your success.

When you scale your business to a certain point, you will want to start outsourcing different tasks. This way, you can focus on other, just as important parts of running your business.

This might be in the form of hiring someone to come work for you or simply hire freelancers to do various jobs. However, you decide to outsource work is entirely up to you.

6. Make a Website

One of the more important parts of starting a business with $2000 is actually making your business’s website. Think of it as a small part of the internet solely dedicated to your business.

This is where you will advertise your products, create landing pages, and gather emails for your mailing list.

Making a website for your business is also very affordable as well. In fact, for less than $5 a month, you can create your own professional-looking website for your business.

7. Email Marketing

There are many different ways to market your business. But one of the more popular and effective ways is email marketing.

On the surface, it might seem complex. However, it’s really as simple as collecting emails to grow your mailing list. From there, you send out emails to your subscribers with new blog posts, coupons for your business, or other opportunities that your subscribers might find valuable.

The best way to start an email list is to use Mailchimp and collect your first 2000 contacts for free. After that, you simply put a sign-up form on your website and you’re all set!

Once you gather enough emails or contacts, you can start sending out any discounts, or limited-time promotional offers for your business.


Starting a business with $2000 is entirely possible. It can actually be done pretty easily if you pick the right business.

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