How to Move Out of an Apartment in the United Kingdom

Moving out of an apartment in the United Kingdom involves several important steps, from ending your lease to handling utility contracts. This guide provides a comprehensive overview to ensure a smooth and well-organized moving process.

Ending Your Lease

Understanding Your Tenancy Type

Determine if you have a fixed-term or periodic tenancy, as this affects how and when you can end your tenancy. Fixed-term tenancies end on a specific date, whereas periodic tenancies continue on a rolling basis (e.g., monthly or weekly)​​.

Notice Period

Give appropriate notice to your landlord. The amount of notice required depends on your tenancy type and what your agreement specifies. For a periodic tenancy, it’s typically four weeks for a weekly tenancy and one month for a monthly tenancy. Fixed-term tenancies might have break clauses that allow early termination under certain conditions​​.

Preparing for the Move

Inventory Check

Review your inventory or check-in report. Ensure the property is returned in a condition similar to when you began the tenancy, accounting for fair wear and tear. You might need to replace or repair damaged items and clean the property to the same standard as when you moved in​​.

Deposit Refund

Ensure your deposit is protected in one of the three deposit protection schemes. Contact the scheme if you face issues with your deposit refund. If you’re part of a joint tenancy, agree with other tenants on how the deposit will be refunded​​.

Handling Utility Contracts

Before Moving Out

Inform your gas and electricity suppliers about your move, ideally giving at least 48 hours’ notice. Take meter readings on the day you move out and provide them to your supplier along with a forwarding address for the final bill​​.

After Moving In

Contact the current supplier at your new home to inform them of your move-in. Provide meter readings for an accurate first bill. If you want to switch suppliers or tariffs, wait until you’re responsible for the property. The switch should happen within five working days​​.

Cancelling or Transferring Phone and Internet Contracts

Check with your service provider if they offer the same service in your new area. A small fee might be required to move the service. If the service isn’t available at your new location, or if it’s included in your new rental agreement, you might need to pay a cancellation fee, though explaining your situation might result in a reduced or waived fee​​.

Final Thoughts

Moving out requires careful planning and attention to detail. By following these steps and understanding your rights and responsibilities, you can ensure a smooth transition out of your apartment in the United Kingdom. Remember to start the process early to avoid last-minute complications.


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