How to Move Out of an Apartment in Ireland

Guidance on moving out of an Irish apartment, with focus on notice periods, cleaning responsibilities, and ensuring deposit retrieval.

Understanding Notice Periods and Lease Termination

Familiarize yourself with the notice period required by your lease agreement in Ireland, typically one month. Properly communicating your intention to terminate the lease with your landlord is crucial to avoid any legal or financial penalties.

Organizing a Thorough Cleaning of the Apartment

A thorough cleaning of your apartment is essential before moving out. This includes deep cleaning floors, carpets, and appliances, and can be crucial in securing the return of your full rental deposit.

Repairing Any Damages to Ensure Deposit Return

Address any damages that occurred during your tenancy. Repairing minor issues like holes in walls, broken fixtures, or paint touch-ups can significantly increase your chances of getting your full deposit back.

Handling Utility Disconnections and Final Bills

Arrange the disconnection of utilities like electricity, gas, and water in advance of your move. Settle any final bills to ensure a smooth transition and avoid any outstanding charges.

Notifying the Landlord of Your Move-Out Date

Inform your landlord of your intended move-out date as soon as possible. This allows them to schedule a final inspection and start the process of advertising the property to new tenants.

Documenting the Apartment’s Condition Upon Departure

Document the condition of the apartment when you leave. Taking photos or videos can provide evidence of the property’s state, which can be helpful if there are disputes over the security deposit.

Returning Keys and Access Cards to the Landlord

Ensure all keys, access cards, and other items provided by the landlord are returned on or before your departure. Failure to do so could result in charges against your deposit.

Finalizing Rental Agreement and Deposit Return Details

Clarify the details of your rental agreement regarding the deposit return. Know the timeline and method of how the deposit will be returned, and discuss any potential deductions with the landlord.

Forwarding Your Mail to Your New Address

Utilize An Post’s mail redirection service to forward your mail to your new address. This ensures that you continue to receive important correspondence and prevents personal information from going astray.

Leaving the Apartment: Final Walkthrough Checklist

Conduct a final walkthrough of the apartment with your landlord, if possible. This checklist-based inspection can help confirm the condition of the property and facilitate a straightforward deposit return process.

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