How to Move Out of an Apartment in Germany

Moving out of an apartment requires careful planning. Learn about the necessary steps, from notifying landlords to ensuring the return of your deposit, for a hassle-free departure from your German residence.

Planning the Move: Timeline and Checklist

Create a detailed timeline and checklist for your move out of the apartment in Germany. This should include key dates for notifying your landlord, hiring movers, packing, and finalizing utility payments.

Hiring a Moving Company vs. DIY Moving

Decide between hiring a professional moving company and moving yourself. Consider factors like budget, the volume of belongings, and distance. Professional movers can ease the process, but DIY moving may be more cost-effective.

Packing Strategies for Efficiency

Develop a packing strategy that maximizes efficiency and minimizes stress. Categorize your belongings, start packing non-essential items early, and ensure you have all necessary supplies like boxes and packing tape.

Notifying Landlord and Terminating Lease

Notify your landlord of your intention to move out in accordance with the notice period specified in your lease. Provide written notice and keep a copy for your records to avoid any disputes.

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Address Change and Service Discontinuation

Update your address with relevant parties and discontinue services such as utilities, internet, and subscriptions. Ensure all final bills are paid and services are terminated effective from your move-out date.

Apartment Cleaning and Repairs

Clean the apartment thoroughly and make any necessary repairs to ensure it is in the condition stipulated in your lease. This can include filling nail holes, repainting, or professional cleaning, depending on your agreement.

Final Walk-through and Handover of Keys

Schedule a final walk-through with your landlord or property manager. During this inspection, hand over the keys and ensure everything is in order to receive your full security deposit back.

Security Deposit Recovery

Understand the process for recovering your security deposit. Ensure you meet all conditions stated in your lease and follow up with your landlord if there are delays or disputes.

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Selling or Donating Unwanted Items

Consider selling or donating items you no longer need. This can lighten your moving load and be a responsible way to handle belongings you don’t want to take with you.

Transition and Settling into a New Place

Prepare for the emotional and practical aspects of transitioning to a new place. This includes saying goodbye to neighbors, familiarizing yourself with your new area, and making arrangements for your arrival at your new home.

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