Entering a New Era of Content Distribution

The Next Gen Business, a trusted source for simplifying global cost-of-living and tax complexities, today announced a revamped content distribution strategy focused on addressing critical financial concerns such as the cost of living and retirement planning. This transformation emphasizes providing solutions and actionable insights to empower individuals to make informed financial decisions.

Key Series Enhancements 2/14/24

  • Cost of Living Series (Mondays): This series will continue to investigate real-world expenses, with enhanced audience participation to maximize relevance and impact.
  • State vs. National Average Series (Tuesdays & Saturdays): These installments will highlight regional variations in costs, comparing key spending categories against national averages.
  • State vs. State Series (Thursdays): Explores the financial implications of living in different states through comparative analyses.
  • Salary After Tax Series (Wednesdays, Fridays, Sundays): Expands coverage beyond the original $1M and $100K salary breakdowns to address diverse income levels and trending financial topics.
  • The Cost of Retirement Series (Returning Soon): This highly anticipated series will return with updated retirement cost analyses for multiple US states and international destinations.

Commitment to Clarity and Community

The Next Gen Business understands that accessible financial information is crucial. We are committed to delivering carefully researched content that breaks down complex concepts, empowering informed financial decisions. We actively listen to our audience, using community feedback to improve our videos and subject areas.

Ready to Change How People Understand Finance?

We are transforming financial content, and need your help! If you’re passionate about simplifying complex topics and empowering financial decisions, check out our open positions and join our mission. Base compensation starting at $50-60,000 in addition to monthly performance bonuses for video editors and animators.

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