Countries That Start With M

Below is a comprehensive list of countries whose names begin with the letter “M.”

Country Starts With “M”
Macedonia (North) Yes
Madagascar Yes
Malawi Yes
Malaysia Yes
Maldives Yes
Mali Yes
Malta Yes
Marshall Islands Yes
Mauritania Yes
Mauritius Yes
Mexico Yes
Micronesia Yes
Moldova Yes
Monaco Yes
Mongolia Yes
Montenegro Yes
Morocco Yes
Mozambique Yes
Myanmar Yes

Countries That Start With M by Country

Macedonia (North)

Starts With M: Yes

North Macedonia is a Balkan nation that gained its independence from Yugoslavia in 1991. It has a diverse ethnic composition and is working towards EU membership.


Starts With M: Yes

Madagascar is an island nation located off the southeastern coast of Africa. Known for its unique biodiversity, Madagascar is a global priority for conservation.


Starts With M: Yes

Malawi is a landlocked country in southeastern Africa, known for its natural beauty, particularly Lake Malawi. However, the nation faces significant economic and healthcare challenges.


Starts With M: Yes

Malaysia is a Southeast Asian nation known for its multicultural society, vibrant economy, and natural beauty, including extensive rainforests and beautiful beaches.


Starts With M: Yes

The Maldives is an archipelagic nation in the Indian Ocean. Known for its luxurious resorts and stunning natural beauty, the country is a popular tourist destination but faces threats from climate change.


Starts With M: Yes

Mali is a landlocked country in West Africa with a rich history. It has vast natural resources but struggles with issues like political instability and poverty.


Starts With M: Yes

Malta is a small archipelago in the Mediterranean Sea, known for its rich history, including prehistoric temples and Roman ruins. It’s a member of the European Union and has a highly developed economy.

Marshall Islands

Starts With M: Yes

The Marshall Islands is a Micronesian country of atolls and islands in the central Pacific. The country has a Compact of Free Association with the United States.


Starts With M: Yes

Mauritania is a country in Northwest Africa, known for its extensive deserts. It has abundant mineral resources like iron ore but faces social and economic challenges.


Starts With M: Yes

Mauritius is an island nation in the Indian Ocean, known for its beaches, lagoons, and reefs. It has a diverse economy that includes tourism, textiles, and financial services.


Starts With M: Yes

Mexico is a country in North America, known for its rich culture, diverse landscapes, and economic potential. Despite facing challenges like crime and corruption, it is a significant player on the global stage.


Starts With M: Yes

Micronesia is a country in the western Pacific, consisting of over 600 islands. It is part of the larger Micronesia region and has a Compact of Free Association with the United States.


Starts With M: Yes

Moldova is a landlocked country in Eastern Europe, known for its wine industry. Despite facing political and economic challenges, it has aspirations to join the European Union.


Starts With M: Yes

Monaco is a small country on the French Riviera. Known for its casinos, yachts, and tax benefits, it’s a playground for the rich and famous.


Starts With M: Yes

Mongolia is a landlocked country in East and Central Asia, known for its vast, rugged landscapes and nomadic culture. It has abundant mineral resources but also faces developmental challenges.


Starts With M: Yes

Montenegro is a Balkan country with a stunning Adriatic coast. It gained independence from the State Union of Serbia and Montenegro in 2006 and is pursuing EU membership.


Starts With M: Yes

Morocco is a country in North Africa, known for its diverse culture, ancient cities, and landscapes ranging from beaches to mountains to deserts.


Starts With M: Yes

Mozambique is a country in southeastern Africa, known for its long Indian Ocean coastline. While it’s rich in natural resources, it faces challenges like poverty and political instability.


Starts With M: Yes

Myanmar, also known as Burma, is a country in Southeast Asia. Known for its rich history and diverse ethnic groups, it has been undergoing political and economic reforms but faces ongoing challenges.


How many countries start with M?

There are 19 countries whose names start with the letter “M.”

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