Countries That Start With A

These are the countries whose names start with the letter “A.”

Country Starts With “A”
Afghanistan Yes
Albania Yes
Algeria Yes
Andorra Yes
Angola Yes
Anguilla Yes
Antigua and Barbuda Yes
Argentina Yes
Armenia Yes
Aruba Yes
Ashmore and Cartier Islands Yes
Australia Yes
Austria Yes
Azerbaijan Yes

Countries That Start With the Letter A by Country


Starts With A: Yes

Afghanistan is a landlocked country located in South Asia and Central Asia, with Kabul as its capital. It has a tumultuous history shaped by its strategic position along the Silk Road. The country has vast mineral resources but remains underdeveloped due to ongoing conflicts.


Starts With A: Yes

Albania is located in Southeastern Europe on the Balkan Peninsula. Known for its religious tolerance, diverse landscapes, and rich folklore, the country has undergone significant modernization while preserving its cultural heritage.


Starts With A: Yes

Algeria is the largest country in Africa by land area and is rich in natural resources like oil and natural gas. The Sahara Desert covers more than four-fifths of its territory, making it a major player in the energy sector.


Starts With A: Yes

Andorra is a small, landlocked country in the eastern Pyrenees mountains, bordered by France and Spain. Known for its beautiful landscapes and as a tax haven, it’s a popular destination for winter sports enthusiasts.


Starts With A: Yes

Angola is located in Southern Africa and is rich in mineral and petroleum reserves. Despite its natural wealth, the country faces significant challenges including a high poverty rate, due to decades of civil war.


Starts With A: Yes

Anguilla is a British overseas territory in the Caribbean. Known for its white beaches and luxury tourism, it also has a growing financial services sector, although tourism remains the largest contributor to its GDP.

Antigua and Barbuda

Starts With A: Yes

This Caribbean nation consists of its two namesake islands and several smaller ones. Known for its reef-lined beaches and vibrant culture influenced by native Caribbean, African, and European communities, it’s a popular tourist destination.


Starts With A: Yes

Argentina is located in South America and is known for its diverse landscapes, ranging from the Andes mountains to the Pampas grasslands. Buenos Aires, its cosmopolitan capital, is a major cultural and economic hub.


Starts With A: Yes

Armenia is a landlocked country in the South Caucasus region of Eurasia. Known for its ancient history and rich cultural heritage, it was the first country in the world to adopt Christianity as its state religion.


Starts With A: Yes

Aruba is an island in the Caribbean Sea, located north of Venezuela. It is a constituent country of the Kingdom of the Netherlands. Tourism, petroleum bunkering, hospitality, and offshore banking comprise its economic backbone.

Ashmore and Cartier Islands

Starts With A: Yes

These are uninhabited territories of Australia located in the Indian Ocean. Known for their natural beauty, these islands are important breeding grounds for various seabird species and marine life.


Starts With A: Yes

Australia is a country and continent that covers a vast territory. Known for its natural wonders like the Great Barrier Reef, and urban centers like Sydney and Melbourne, it has a robust economy with a high standard of living.


Starts With A: Yes

Austria is located in Central Europe and is known for its historical landmarks, alpine scenery, and contributions to classical music. Vienna, its capital, is a cultural epicenter.


Starts With A: Yes

Located at the crossroads of Eastern Europe and Western Asia, Azerbaijan has significant oil and gas reserves. The country has a rich history influenced by various civilizations, including the Persians and the Russians.

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