How to Make Money Gaming in 2022 (6 Legit Ways)

Person making money gaming.

Do you want to make money gaming? There are more ways now than ever before to earn money gaming.

So how can you make money gaming in 2022? Becoming a professional gamer, playtesting video games, streaming, creating a YouTube channel, reviewing video games, or becoming a video game coach are all ways to make money gaming. All are possible to do in 2022 given you are willing to put in the time and effort.

The rising popularity of gaming has made it mainstream and made it possible for kids, teens, and adults to all make money from gaming.

Gaming has made kids and teens become overnight sensations and changed their life completely. For example, a 16-year-old won $3 million dollars alone from a Fortnight World Cup tournament.

Competitive gaming is just one of many ways to make money gaming in 2022. There are plenty of other ways that make it possible for anyone to start making money from video games.

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How to Make Money by Gaming

There are plenty of ways to make money by gaming. Playtesting video games, streaming, reviewing, or starting a YouTube channel are all ways to make money by playing video games.

If you are good at a certain video game you could coach others to become better at that video game.

Some ways to make money gaming require different skills. For example, a gaming coach would need to be good at explaining the game. Streamers and YouTube gamers often need to be entertaining or engaging so they can attract an audience.

Reviewing and playtesting video games are also good ways to make money from games that do not require you to be very entertaining or outgoing.

How Much Money Does a Gamer Make

On average professional gamers make $60,000 annually. Top gamers can earn millions of dollars every year.

Video game testers and video game reviewers both earn on average about $50,000 to $60,000 a year but can earn up to a six-figure income.

Video game YouTuber’s and streamer’s income can vary significantly. If you are a top creator you will be earning a ton of money, smaller creators tend to earn much less. Typically the larger audience you have, the more money you will make.

Video game coaches make on average $40,500 per year with top coaches earning a six-figure income.

As you can see, making money gaming is possible and many are doing it with great success.

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Can You Make a Living Playing Video Games

So can you make a living playing video games? Yes, you can!

Earning a living playing video games is entirely possible and growing in popularity.

There are more ways to make money gaming in 2022, now more than ever before. Many are making a full-time income doing something they love and enjoy, playing video games.

So let’s get right into what the best ways to make money from video games are.

6 Best Ways to Make Money Gaming in 2022

Here are the 6 best ways to make money gaming in 2022. This list is in no particular order, all are great ways to make money from video games.

1. Playtest Video Games

If you like to play new video games, you could make a job out of it! Playtesting video games often consists of you trying to break a game to figure out if anything is broken.

As a video game playtester, you try to find any flaws a game might have so developers can then fix those flaws to make an overall better game.

Most likely you will have to really get into the game and play through it thoroughly in order to find any potential broken parts of the game.

Video game playtesting jobs can be both online and in-person, it depends on the company you work for.

Potential Income: $50,000-100,000+ per year

2. Become a Professional Gamer

Becoming a professional gamer is the dream for many kids and teens. It requires a lot of hard work and talent to go on and achieve great success in this field.

To have a career in professional gaming requires a lot of dedication because you need to be able to outplay your opponents.

So how exactly do you make money as a professional gamer? Common ways to make money include sponsorships and tournament winnings.

Those who go on to compete in tournaments have the chance to make it big and win a lot of money. Competitive gaming has become mainstream and made many gaming legends across a variety of different eSports games.

Potential Income: $60,000-$1,000,000+ per year

3. Stream Video Games

Streaming video games is a popular way of turning your gaming hobby into a full-time business that can generate six figures or more per year.

If you are able to entertain an audience over an extended period of time, streaming might just be for you.

Twitch is one of the most popular streaming platforms. You can start a Twitch channel and start getting donations from your viewers.

Once you build your following, you can eventually get sponsorships from various companies. Companies are often paying streamers $10,000 or more per sponsorship.

Potential Income: $5,000+ per month

4. Become a Gaming Coach

As gaming becomes more popular many want to get better at their game of choice and turn to coaches. Similar to coaches in sports such as football or basketball, there are coaches for video games.

These coaches are hired by people looking to improve their video game skills for a variety of reasons. They might want to get better to compete professionally or just play better against their friends.

You could offer your services on sites such as Fiverr and build your reputation as a gaming coach. Alternatively, you could become a coach for an eSports team if you are very skilled.

Potential Income: $40,000-100,000+ per year

5. Start a YouTube Channel

If entertaining people is something you like to do and play video games at the same time, starting a YouTube channel is the move. It is true that it is pretty competitive to make it on YouTube but nonetheless it is possible.

Gaming channels on YouTube have been around for a LONG time and they are not going away any time soon. People love interacting with their favorite YouTuber and watching them progress through a game.

Create quality content that others will enjoy and people will start watching. Take PewDiePie for instance. He has been around for years and still going strong as one of the biggest creators on the platform. He has played many different games on his channel and grown a huge following that way.

Many gaming YouTubers are earning hundreds of thousands, if not millions of dollars every year by posting gaming videos.

Potential Income: $50,000-$100,000+ per year

6. Review Video Games

If you are passionate about video games and enjoy playing them, you could make money reviewing them. You can review them on stream, on a YouTube channel, or even create a blog reviewing video games.

As you build your credibility and start gaining an audience you can join affiliate programs that sell video games. This means you get a portion or commission of each sale.

If you decide to go the blog route and start a video game review blog, after a few months of creating content, it could turn into a source of passive income.


Making money from video games is entirely possible in 2022. The popularity of video games is at an all-time high among people of all ages.

Whether you want to get a job playtesting video games or building an audience by creating YouTube videos or streaming, there are many options to make money gaming.

Anyone at any age can start making money gaming. It is never too late or too early to start!

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