8 Best Ways to Start a Business With $3000

How to start a business with 3000 dollars.

If you’ve got 3000 dollars sitting around collecting dust, starting a business might be the right move. Some businesses are easier to start than others and can even generate passive income while you sleep. Here are the 8 best ways to start a business with 3000 dollars in 2022.

You can start a business with 3000 dollars by finding a product or service to sell, forming your business, and creating a website. Building an email list and outsourcing when necessary are other important ways to start a business with 3000 dollars.

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Can You Start a Business With 3000 Dollars?

You can start a business with 3000 dollars. Online businesses like affiliate marketing businesses work best with a budget of 3000 dollars.

On top of that, online businesses can be started from anywhere in the world and can be scaled into profitable businesses quite easily. If you have money to invest in a business, consider starting an online business.

What Business Can I Start With $3000?

You can start an online business with $3000. An affiliate marketing, dropshipping, or blogging business are examples of online businesses that can be started with this budget.

Each of these online businesses can be scaled into six-figure businesses and turned into almost passive income sources.

Affiliate Marketing

One of the best online businesses to start is an affiliate marketing business. Affiliate marketing is simply when you promote another business’s product for a commission of each sale.

Some businesses will pay you for every lead generated. But most affiliate programs will pay you for every successful sale.

Using Perpetual Income 365 you can start making money from affiliate marketing as a complete beginner. This is a program that makes it easy to start earning money online, especially after the first 31 days of using it.

Expect to invest some time and money initially when using this program. But after the first 31 days, it gets significantly easier to make passive income.


If you want to start a business where the main form of monetization is selling products, consider dropshipping.

Recently, dropshipping has become a popular business because of how easy it is to start. Really all it takes to make your own dropshipping store is a website and a product.

But choosing the right product is the most important part of a dropshipping business. The product you choose can either make or break your business.

But using SaleHoo, you will not have to worry about this. Finding the perfect product and supplier is made easy so even a complete beginner can start dropshipping.

After you choose your product and make your website, you can begin promoting on social media. You’ve got the option to either use paid ads or rely on free organic traffic. The choice is yours!


Starting a blogging business is perfect for those looking to invest time upfront and reap the rewards later on.

A blog can be a great source of passive income when you monetize your blog with display ads and affiliate links. All you have to do is write your articles, drive traffic to them, and start making money.

A lot of bloggers rely on organic traffic. But it takes time to rank in search engines and get on the first page of Google. Typically this process takes between 6 to 12 months.

So many bloggers end up doing is they create around 30 posts upfront and let those posts sit for a few months. Once the posts start ranking, your site gets traffic and you can start making money!

You can speed up this process by promoting your blog on social media platforms like Pinterest. But if all you want to do is write the articles and wait for them to rank on Google, that can work as well.

The results will be pretty similar. It’s just a matter of how quickly you want to start earning money from your blog.

8 Ways To Start a Business With $3000 in 2022

Here are the 8 best ways to start a business with $3000 in 2022.

1. Find a Product or Service to Sell

The first step to starting a business with $3000 is finding a product or service to sell. The type of product you sell will depend on your selected industry.

Some businesses design and create their own product or service. Some decide to go the dropshipping or wholesaling route and find a product using research tools and directories such as SaleHoo.

Using SaleHoo you can easily find the best product and supplier for your business. If you are planning on creating a product-centered business, really consider checking them out. 

You will save a ton of time and effort on initially finding the right product for your business. This is time that could have been better spent elsewhere.

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2. Form Your Business

If you are going to start your own business, you are going to want to create an LLC. Using ZenBusiness, this is extremely easy to do.

ZenBusiness helps you file all your business’s paperwork with a 100% accuracy guarantee.

3. Use Social Media Ads

Social media ads can be a great way to reach a ton of people very quickly. Facebook and YouTube are two social media platforms where you can spend money to advertise your product or service to potential customers.

Since this article is about starting a business with $3000, paid advertising would be within your budget. However, free advertising from organic social media traffic could work just as well.

This being said, free organic social media traffic often takes longer before you will see results. Whereas paid social media ads can give you instant results.

For more information check out our guides to making money on Instagram and TikTok.

4. Create a Website

No matter what type of business you plan on running, you will need to create a website.

A website is the easiest place to direct your social media traffic, paid ads, or organic traffic. It’s the one place people can visit that you are the sole owner of and have complete control over.

It should be a place where people can go to learn more about your business and what you are trying to accomplish. You can integrate an online store into your website if you plan on selling products.

Doing all this and more is extremely easy using Bluehost. We personally recommend Bluehost for any website owner just starting out!

Not only are they an affordable web hosting option, their web hosting very fast so your customers have the best user experience.

5. Use Online Design Tools

At one point or another in your entrepreneurial journey of starting a business, you will need to use some sort of design tool. Whether you’re designing a logo, a social media post, or your website header, online design tools like Canva are extremely helpful.

Canva has a free plan that you can start using right now, and if you wish to upgrade, they offer a pro plan with additional tools. But for most new business owners, the free plan will be more than enough.

6. Build An Email List

A good email list can be a great marketing tool to use for promoting new offers, products, changes with the business, or discounts. As a business owner, an email list can be your own little community.

Starting an email list is really not that difficult either. Using Mailchimp you can start one for free up to 2000 contacts. So you can get the first 2000 people on your email list at no cost at all.

Initially, the 2000 contacts will be more than enough to build a sizable email list. You can start learning about email marketing without paying a single cent!

7. Accounting and Invoicing

Every business will have some sort of accounting and invoicing involved. Both can seem fairly difficult to start. But it really can be quite easy, especially if you use FreshBooks.

FreshBooks is an accounting and invoicing software that is specifically meant for small businesses. So it’s perfect for anyone looking to start a business with $3000. If you are looking to start your own profitable business, make sure to use FreshBooks free trial today!

8. Outsource When Necessary

When you grow your business to a certain point it will be apparent that some tasks need to be outsourced. Outsourcing time-consuming tasks will help you better focus on other important parts of running your business.

But how do you know when you should start outsourcing work? You should outsource work when it makes sense financially.

There will be a point where you realize that your business is making a decent amount of money, but you are pretty short on time. This is when you could outsource tasks to improve your business’s efficiency.

Only outsource when necessary though. If your business is not quite there in terms of profits, you may not need to outsource quite yet. You don’t want to spend more money than you need to when first starting a business.


Starting a business with a budget of $3000 is entirely possible. More times than not, it will actually cost less than $3000 to start a business. Especially if you decide to start an online business like dropshipping, blogging, or affiliate marketing.

If you enjoyed reading about how to start a business with $3000, consider checking out our other informative articles below!

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