How to Make $10 Fast in 2022 (12 Legit Ways)

How to make $10 fast.

Are you looking for how to make $10 fast in 2022?

Well, this is the article for you!

You can make $10 fast in 2022 by completing online surveys, selling photos, online tutoring, doing paid social media jobs, affiliate marketing, and much more. Making money online is probably your best bet when it comes to making $10 fast.

Of course, there are plenty of other ways to make this amount of money in 2022. With the help of the internet, anyone can make money from their home nowadays.

We put together the 12 best ways to make money fast that literally, anyone can do.

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How Can I Make $10 a Day?

There are plenty of ways to make $10 a day. The best way to make $10 a day is to complete online paid surveys using Survey Junkie. Doing freelance work such as freelance writing, or graphic design are also ways to make $10 a day.

How Can I Get a Free $10?

Survey sites are one of the best ways to get a free $10. But if you do not want to fill out surveys all day, affiliate marketing works just as well.

Using social media, you can drive free traffic to the products you choose to promote and earn a commission on each sale. Often times the commission you earn is much more than $10. All this can be done for free!

How to Make 10 Dollars Fast on PayPal?

Dropshipping and completing paid surveys are both ways to make 10 dollars fast on PayPal. Online survey sites like Survey Junkie will pay you through PayPal.

Dropshippers on the other hand use PayPal as a way to receive payments. Payments can range all the way from 10 dollars to much more, depending upon what you sell.

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How Can I Make Money in 10 Minutes?

You can make money in 10 minutes by completing online surveys, doing yard work, or selling items. Probably the best way to make money in 10 minutes is to complete surveys like the ones from Survey Junkie. It’s easy to start and literally, anyone can make money this way.

How to Make $10 Fast in 2022 (12 Legit Ways)

Here are 12 legit ways to make $10 fast in 2022. This list is in no particular order, all are great ways to make $10 fast.

1. Sell Photos

If you have a phone with a camera, you can make money selling photos on sites such as Getty Images or Adobe Stock. It’s also very easy to get started. Simply upload and sell the photos to start earning money online.

This is a job that can be done 100% online. You get to be your own boss. The more photos you upload, the more money you can make!

2. Dropshipping

Dropshipping is what most people think of when the topic of making money online comes up. It’s an extremely popular way to make money fast and easy to start.

As a dropshipper, you find a product to sell from a supplier and create an online surrounding that one product.

Using SaleHoo, finding a great product and supplier is made easy!

Next, you will want to get visitors to your online store. When it comes to getting visitors to your store, many decide to use paid traffic, as it is the easiest option.

However, there are other options that do not require you to pay any money. Promoting your product on social media sites such as Instagram or Tik Tok are ways to get a ton of free traffic.

Once you get traffic to your store and sell products, you then have your supplier ship the product directly to your customer. The only time you spend any money is when you actually make a sale.

Making $10 from dropshipping is actually very easy and you will find most of the time that much more money can be made.

3. Paid Surveys

For those looking to make $10 fast, Paid Surveys are the answer. Survey Junkie is by far the best survey site available. You literally get paid to share your opinion!

It’s as simple as taking a survey, earning rewards, and getting paid either through PayPal or e-Giftcards.

Join Survey Junkie today!

4. Paid Social Media Jobs

If you’re like me you probably spend way too much time scrolling through social media every day. Well, you can actually get paid to use social media, a win-win!

Anyone at any social media skill level can start getting paid to help companies promote their businesses using social media.

All you need is a phone or tablet, and you could be earning $35 an hour with this remote job.

Get paid to use social media today!

5. Sell E-books

Have you heard of an e-book before? Well, they are selling like hotcakes. This is an industry you do not want to miss out on.

You might want to start making money selling e-books but do not want to spend hours on end writing. Thanks to Sqribble, you can create high-quality e-books in just 5 minutes without typing any words.

Crazy right? Of course, you could spend the time writing your own e-book and sell it as well. Both ways can be done to make $10 or more selling e-books.

Start using Sqribble today!

6. Data Entry

Data entry is something that takes a lot of time, so many businesses decide to pay someone to do it for them.

This job would require you to be knowledgeable with Microsoft Excel, type, take and sort date, etc.

Jobs of this sort are almost always available with online job sites like Indeed and ZipRecruiter. Freelance data entry jobs are also available and can be a good way to make $10 fast.

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7. Freelance Writing

Do you like writing and want to make money from it? Freelance writing might just be for you!

Freelance writers create content for blogs, websites, etc. Anyone can start making money this way, you do not need to be a pro to start. Sites like Fiverr make it easy to start making money as a freelance writer.

As a writer, you want to make sure your work is error-free, right? Using the Grammarly free plan, you can avoid all the basic embarrassing spelling, grammar, and punctuation mistakes that every writer makes.

If you are serious about making money freelance writing, you need to start using Grammarly.

8. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is another popular way of making money. With affiliate marketing, you promote other people’s products and services for a commission. Earning at least $10 a day using this method is entirely possible. Often times you can earn much more from affiliate marketing.

Affiliate commissions can range from 1-3% all the way up to 70% or more!

For those who are new to affiliate marketing, consider checking out 12 Minute Affiliate.

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9. Yard Work

Yard work is another good way to earn $10 quickly. This could involve weeding, mowing lawns, trimming bushes, etc.

The best way to start is making money from yard work is to go around your community or a nearby neighborhood and ask people if they need their yard cleaned up.

On the low end, you will earn $10. More times than not, if you charge accordingly, more money can be made for every yard cleaned up.

10. Online Tutoring

Are you good at a specific subject that others might struggle learning? If you are, you could offer your services as an online tutor.

There are plenty of online tutoring platforms that will pay you to tutor others online. Alternatively, you could offer to tutor your peers with whatever subjects they struggle with.

11. Sell Items

When was the last time you looked around your room and actually went through the things you own? Most of us will find we have a lot of items that we haven’t touched in years.

You can sell these items online on platforms such as eBay, Etsy, or Craigslist. Selling these items might be the best course of action when looking to earn some extra money.

12. Graphic Designer

Do you have any graphic design talent? If so, you can sell your services on platforms like Fiverr.

There is always a need for graphic designers so finding work will not be difficult. If you have access to a computer or smartphone and the internet, you can make money as a graphic designer.


As you can see there are many different ways to earn $10 fast. Whether you want to make $10 from online surveys, or doing yard work, the options are there. With the help of the internet, making $10 is very easy to do.

If you enjoyed reading about how to make $10 fast in 2022, consider checking out our other articles below!

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