How to Become a Teen Freelancer (2022)

How to become a teen freelancer.

In the age of the internet, alternative ways to make money have been discovered. Freelancing jobs are one of these ways. If you are looking for how to become a teen freelancer, this is the article for you.

Freelancing can be a great way to start earning money by working flexible hours. More and more people are deciding to make money online. Freelance work can help you do just that.

You can become a teen freelancer by looking for work on freelance websites such as Fiverr or Upwork. You can also use Instagram, Pinterest, and Indeed to get teen freelance jobs as well.

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How Can a Teenager Become a Freelancer?

You can become a freelancer as a teenager by developing a skill that others will pay for. This could be graphic design, writing, social media, editing, the list goes on!

After you choose what type of work you want to do, now you need to find people to pay you for your work. There are freelance websites that have certain age requirements to join.

But there are also other ways to find freelance work as a teen. You can use social media platforms like Instagram to advertise your services to others.

5 Ways to Become a Teen Freelancer in 2022

Here are the 5 best ways to become a teen freelancer.

1. Fiverr

If you are 13 years or older, you can start making money as a teen freelancer using Fiverr. You can create a gig and make money as a seller when you complete an order for your customer.

As a teen freelancer, you get to choose what type of work you want to do. Teen freelancers on Fiverr can make money designing websites, transcribing, writing content, editing, or even creating logos. Whatever skill you specialize in as a Freelancer on Fiverr is entirely up to you.

2. Upwork

For those 18 years or older, you apply to become a Freelancer using Upwork. On Upwork, you can get paid at a fixed price or hourly for your work.

Writing, transcription, proofreading, web design, and graphic design are all jobs that you can make money doing as a freelancer on this platform.

Upwork is a great freelancing website for those looking to get paid more for their services compared to other freelance sites.

3. Use Instagram

Instagram is one of the best social media platforms to use as a freelancer because of how easy it is to connect with potential clients. Anyone can grow their following on Instagram and start making money.

As a freelancer, you could start making money from freelancing with less than 1000 followers. The amount of followers doesn’t really matter when it comes to freelancing.

It’s better to have 1000 highly engaged followers than 50,000 inactive followers.

By actively posting on Instagram and following our Instagram growth tips you can start promoting your services as a freelancer to others. All for completely free!

Tell your followers that you are offering a specific service and ask them to DM you for more information. From there you can tell them your price, what you offer, and make a deal.

If you are serious about making money as a freelancer, make sure to send professional invoices to your clients. It’s important to act in a professional manner so your clients think highly of your work.

Your clients might even recommend you to their peers. Word-of-mouth marketing is very important as a freelancer and can lead to you making even more money.

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4. Indeed

Indeed is an employment website that can be a great tool for freelancers to use when looking for work. Although one thing to keep in mind is that a lot of freelance work on Indeed requires you to be at least 18.

Using Indeed, you simply need to search for freelance work and you will get various results of any available work.

5. Use Pinterest

Pinterest is another great social media platform to use as a freelancer. It has millions of potential users that you could market your services to.

It’s a great social media platform to use because of the ability to add a link in both standard and video pins. As a freelancer, you can create a website with a landing page that informs others about your services.

Each pin that you post on Pinterest could link to your website. So every time someone clicks through, they will get information on your service and potentially turn into a paying client.

To successfully grow a following on Pinterest you will need to pin high-quality images. Your pins should include some sort of call to action that tells your audience to visit your website or check out your freelance services.

Can a 16-Year-Old Do Freelancing?

A 16-year-old can do freelancing. There are some freelance websites that you will not be able to use such as Upwork until you are 18.

But at 16, you can make money freelancing by advertising your services on social media such as Instagram or Pinterest. Additionally, you can use Fiverr and make money freelancing that way.

Can a 15-Year-Old Do Freelancing?

At 15 you can do freelancing. You can make money freelancing using freelance platforms such as Fiverr.

There will be some freelancing platforms that do not allow 15-year-olds. However, if freelancing on Fiverr is not something you want to do, you can always promote your services on social media.

Can a 14-Year-Old Do Freelancing?

A 14-year-old can do freelancing. There are quite a few ways to make money freelancing at 14. But the main ways consist of using social media to promote your freelancing services and using Fiverr.

Can a 13-Year-Old Be a Freelancer?

At 13, you can be a freelancer. Although there will be limitations to which freelance platforms you can use at this age.

Fiverr has a minimum age requirement of 13. This means you could make money from freelancing at 13.


As you can see, it is possible to become a teen freelancer and can actually be quite a fun way to make money. There are many different ways that you could go about becoming a freelancer, all of which can be great ways to start earning money online.

If you enjoyed reading about how to become a teen freelancer in 2022, check out our other articles below!

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