Bulgaria Salary Calculator

Bulgaria is recognized for its flat tax rate system. Both personal and corporate incomes are taxed at a flat rate of 10 percent, positioning it amongst the countries with the lowest tax burdens in the European Union. However, it also has a relatively standard value-added tax (VAT) rate of 20 percent, which is in line with the EU average. Offering a straightforward and low-tax environment in the broader economic landscape.

To use the Bulgaria income tax calculator, simply input your desired salary (in BGN) and filing status to begin.

Bulgaria Salary Calculator

Bulgaria Income Taxes

Using the Bulgaria salary calculator you can easily see all necessary income taxes and deductions for the country. Comparing taxes in Bulgaria has never been more efficient.

The Bulgaria income tax and deduction calculator will potentially be referred to as the salary calculator, income tax calculator, Bulgaria income tax calculator, or Bulgaria wage calculator. When referencing these terms, we are referring to the Bulgaria tax calculator listed below.

All information used to calculate Bulgaria’s income tax and other deductions will also be thoroughly explained.

Note: The currency the calculator is using is Bulgarian lev (BGN). If you catch any mistakes that need to be fixed, visit our contact page and we will resolve any errors.

Country Information

Currency Used Bulgarian lev (BGN)
Continent Europe
Population 6.899 million
Language Bulgarian
Capital Sofia
Government Type Parliamentary Republic

Personal Income Tax

Bulgaria is unique in that it has a flat tax rate of 10% on any personal income with a few exceptions.

Taxes are primarily based on an individual’s tax residency status. Any resident of Bulgaria is taxed on their global income generated for the year. If you are not a resident, you are taxed on any income in Bulgaria.

Examples of such would be someone that is employed in Bulgaria or income from real estate investments in the country.

National Insurance Contributions

National insurance contributions in Bulgaria are made up of both health insurance and social security contributions.

Health Insurance Contributions

  • Total health insurance contributions are 8%
  • 4.8% of which is paid by the employer (this is not included in the salary calculator)
  • And 3.2% of which is paid by the employee (this is included in the salary calculator)

Social Security Contributions

Social security contributions range from 24.7% to 25.4% mainly because of the Accident at Work and Occupational Illness Fund which often varies from 0.4% to 1.1% based on an individual’s economic activity in the country.

  • Total social security contributions are 24% to 25.4%
  • 14.12% to 14.82% will be paid by the employer (this is not included in the salary calculator)
  • 10.58% will be paid by the employee (this is included in the salary calculator)

The total amount of social security contributions paid by an employee amounts to 13.78% and 18.92% to 19.62% by the employer. Combined (both social security and health insurance contributions) the national insurance contribution rate is 32.7% to 33.4%.

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