Wells Fargo Wisconsin Routing Number – 075911988

Wells Fargo Wisconsin routing number.

The Wells Fargo routing number for Wisconsin is 075911988. In Wisconsin, the ACH routing number is the same, also being 075911988.

The Wells Fargo wire transfer routing number is 121000248 for any transfers inside of the United States. The SWIFT code for wire transfers made outside of the United States is WFBIUS6S.

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What is a Routing Number?

A routing number is a 9-digit code that identifies the financial institution you use. A routing number can also be referred to as an ABA routing number or RTN.

Banks each have their own unique routing numbers, which are often location-dependent. The same bank might have a different routing number depending on the state.

How To Get My Wells Fargo Wisconsin Routing Number?

You can get your Wells Fargo routing number by looking at your monthly statement, the bottom left corner of your check, and by either calling customer service at your bank or visiting their website. Additionally, you can get your routing number by looking it up on the official Federal Reserve website.

Wire Routing Number For Wells Fargo Wisconsin

Wire transfers are a secure and fast way to electronically move money. A wire transfer can take anywhere from a couple of days to just a few minutes. Banks use a different routing number to help process these transactions quicker and more efficiently.

For wire transfers inside of the United States, the routing number is 121000248. Wire transfers made outside of the United States have a SWIFT code of WFBIUS6S.

You might notice there is a slight difference in the code used for international transfers. For transfers made outside the United States, a SWIFT code is used instead of a routing number.

Wells Fargo Routing Number For ACH Transfers

To send an ACH transfer to a Wells Fargo account, you will need an ACH routing number. ACH routing numbers are used for electronic withdrawals and transfers between financial institutions.

The Wells Fargo Wisconsin ACH routing number is 075911988.

How Many Digits Are Wisconsin Wells Fargo Routing Number?

A Wells Fargo routing number has 9 digits. If you open your account in Wisconsin, your routing number will be the 9 digit number 075911988.

All Wells Fargo routing numbers will have 9 digits. Contact customer service at your bank if you are questioning if your routing number is correct. Visiting their website to double-check the routing number is legitimate also is an option.

Is The Wells Fargo Wisconsin Routing Number The Same For Everyone?

There is only one routing number for Wisconsin Wells Fargo bank accounts. Everyone in Wisconsin will have the same routing number, assuming they originally opened their account in Wisconsin.

This also means that Wisconsin Wells Fargo bank accounts will have the same routing number no matter what city you are located in. So your routing number will be the same as your neighbors even if you each opened your accounts in separate Wisconsin cities or towns.

If you move states, your routing number will most likely stay the same. So if you originally opened a Wells Fargo account in Wisconsin, there is a good chance it will remain the same if you move to another state.

Do All Wells Fargo Banks Have The Same Routing Number?

All Wells Fargo banks do not have the same routing number. Your routing number will change depending on where you opened your account.

Someone who opened an account in Wisconsin would have a different routing number than someone who opened an account in Florida.

Wisconsin’s routing numbers will all be the same no matter what city or town the Wells Fargo bank is located in. However, if you open a Wells Fargo account in a different state, your routing number will change.

Which Routing Number Do I Use For Tax Return Wells Fargo in Wisconsin?

The Wells Fargo routing number you use for tax returns should be the same routing number you use for direct deposit or electronic payments. Getting your tax return refunded via direct deposit is much faster and safer than receiving a check in the mail.

To do so, you will likely need to know what your routing number is. Luckily, finding your routing number is extremely easy to do. The Wells Fargo Wisconsin bank accounts use the routing number 075911988 for their tax return.

You can double-check you have the correct routing number for your tax return by visiting your bank’s website or calling customer service.


Your routing number is decided based on a few different factors. One of the main factors being the location of where you initially opened your account. So accounts opened in Wisconsin will have a routing number of 075911988.

Setting up direct deposit, sending wire transfers, ordering new checks, and sending money to someone all require a routing number.

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