How to Make Money as a 14 Year Old

Do you want to learn how to make money as a 14 year old in 2023?

Well, you have come to the right place!

Many think that it is impossible to make money as young as 14 years old. Quite the opposite is true. It is actually pretty easy to make money at this age.

So how exactly does a 14 year old start making money? Popular ways include online jobs that involve you completing some sort of task like completing a survey or writing an article. There are also businesses that you can start at 14 years old and start earning an income.

Below is a list of the 11 best ways to make money as a 14 year old.

So what are you waiting for? Let’s get started!

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11 Best Ways to Make Money as a 14 Year Old

Here are the 11 best ways to make money as a 14 year old. This list is in no particular order, all are excellent ways to make money as a 14 year old.

1. Start a YouTube Channel

Make money from YouTube as a 14 year old.

Have you ever used YouTube before?

Did you know that YouTube creators such as PewDiePie and Logan Paul make a ton of money from their following on YouTube?

They create videos about content that they enjoy making and make six figures or more doing so!

You could be creating videos just like them!

Growing a following on YouTube is completely possible and you do not even need a large following to start earning money.

Create content that you enjoy making that provides value to others in some way and people will watch your videos.

Everyone starts somewhere. There was a time that huge creators such as the ones listed above started from zero.

Now they have millions of people watching their videos and they make pretty good money!

Give it a try. Start your YouTube channel today!

2. Survey Junkie

Survey Junkie is one of the most popular sites that will actually pay you to take surveys online.

Using Survey Junkie you can start earning money completely online. This being said, it does not pay as much as other ways to make money that are on this list.

If you are looking for some extra cash, earning $50 to $100 every month is completely possible.

I recommend pairing Survey Junkie with one of the other ways of making money listed below.

After all, the goal of this article is for you to make money, doing a couple of these money-making ideas means more potential money in your pocket.

Whenever you have some extra free time, complete surveys using Survey Junkie to make some easy cash.

3. Start Blogging

Blogging is another good way to start making money as a 14 year old. Many bloggers are earning hundreds of thousands of dollars every single year from blogging.

As a blogger you would start your own website and post content to it that will eventually rank on Google.

All this might sounds complicated at first but once you get started it actually is pretty simple.

Especially if you follow my guide to making money blogging.

It takes a lot of upfront work to start a blog, but once you get the ball rolling, blogging can turn into a completely passive income source.

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4. Dropshipping

So many teenagers are making millions from dropshipping.

How you might ask?

Well, it’s actually pretty simple. Dropshippers find a product online to then sell for a profit on their own site.

As a dropshipper, you would do all the marketing yourself. This could mean promoting a product on social media like Facebook or Instagram or using paid advertising.

So why is dropshipping so popular? Well, it’s because dropshippers keep no inventory on hand. You do not need to purchase any products until a customer orders them.

You are simply driving traffic to your site to get orders.

Those orders are then fulfilled by your supplier. From there, all the work is done by your supplier.

5. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is also another great way to make money as a 14 year old.

So what exactly is affiliate marketing?

It is a form of marketing where you (the affiliate) promote and sell other people’s products and services for a commission (or portion) of each sale.

There are a ton of affiliate markers making six figures every single year!

How do you get started with affiliate marketing?

Well, there are a couple of ways to start. You could start a blog, grow a following on social media, or 12 Minute Affiliates beginner-friendly system.

Which of those ways to start making money with affiliate marketing is up to you.

It provides a great place for beginners to start making money with affiliate marketing.

6. Sell on Etsy

If you love making crafts and other homemade items, then selling on Etsy might just be for you!

Etsy is a place for people to buy and sell these items. Of course, homemade items and crafts are not the only things you could sell, but they are some of the most popular items sold.

If any of this sounds interesting I highly suggest starting an Etsy online business. It is super easy to start and many are making thousands from their shops every single month!

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7. Dog Training

Dog training is an increadibly easy way to make money as a 14 year old.

As you might know, dogs are a very popular household pet. Many dog owners would gladly pay someone to train their pup!

So how do you get started making money dog training?

Well, you could learn how to train dogs from free YouTube videos, or you could use Brain Training for Dogs. They offer professional dog training to take your dog training skills to the next level.

You can start by marketing yourself as a dog trainer to the people in your community that have dogs.

People are willing to spend a lot of money on their pets, dog training is no exception.

8. Teach a Sport

Do you play a sport?

If you are good at that sport you should teach others and help them improve their skills.

You can work with a group of your peers to provide paid training. It does not matter what sport you play, if you have peers that could improve their skills, sell your services to them!

As you get more clients, you can start charging more.

A good way to start is by asking around your local area if anyone needs help improving their skills with the sport you teach. You could also use social media to market your services online.

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9. Online Assistant

Becoming an online assistant is one of the best ways to make money as a 14 year old.

The hours you work are very flexible (set your own hours) and anyone at any age can start!

It’s really an amazing job for teens because you get to pick what tasks and projects you want to do.

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10. Babysitting

Are you good with kids?

Well if you are, you could make money as a babysitter. As a 14 year old you most likely do not have access to a car so babysitting for people nearby your home is key.

Ask people in your community if they have kids that you could babysit for. Most parents like to go out on date nights and need someone to watch their kids.

This is where you could help them. As a babysitter, you would most likely have to prepare meals for the kids, entertain them, etc.

There are a lot of 14 year olds that make hundreds of dollars from babysitting just a couple of days a week.

11. Cleaning Services

Another good way to make money as a 14 year old is from cleaning. You could make money cleaning a variety of things.

Anything from cleaning cars, to cleaning houses are excellent ways to make money from cleaning services.

You could get a group of friends and go around asking people if they need their house or car cleaned.

These are just a couple of examples, there are a ton of other things that you could potentially make money cleaning for others.

Frequently Asked Questions

How could a 14 year old make money?

Starting a blog, becoming an online assistant, creating a YouTube channel, or starting some sort of online business are all great ways to make money at 14 year old.

What jobs can a 14 year old do for money?

Becoming an online assistant is a good job to start earning money online as a 14 year old. Other jobs include babysitting, cleaning services, teaching a sport, and dog training.

How can I get a job at 14?

You can get a job at 14 by working as an online assistant or other online freelancing sites like Fiverr. There are also other jobs that any 14 year old can do like dog training or babysitting.


There are so many different ways to make money as a 14 year old. You could work an online, or in-person job and make money that way. Starting a business is another good way to make money as a teen.

All the ways to make money as a 14 year old listed above are legit and are highly recommended.

Many have made money using the jobs and businesses on this list. If you put in the effort, you will make money using these methods.

If you enjoyed reading about how to make money as a 14 year old, consider checking out our other articles below.

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