Crescent Bank Near Me: Find Nearby Branch Locations and ATMs

Crescent Bank near me.

Crescent Bank provides banking services in Louisiana, specifically New Orleans. Since its inception 31 years ago, they have expanded to the point where they have a handful of branches and ATMs serving their local community. Below you will find a guide to the closest Crescent Bank near you.

You will also find information on their customer service, ATM deposit limits, withdrawal limits, overdraft fees, and banking services. 

Crescent Bank Locations Near Me

Crescent Bank has got three main locations near the New Orleans area. Their Northshore location is a limited purpose branch that is primarily used for CD sales. This Crescent Bank location does not have an ATM. However, they also have a Veterans branch with an ATM in Metairie, LA, and the main office with an ATM located right in the heart of New Orleans.

Here is a list of their most notable banking products and services:

  • CDs
  • IRAs
  • Personal and Business Checking Accounts
  • Money Market Accounts
  • Online Banking
  • Savings Accounts
  • Debit Cards
  • Online Transfers

Aside from their traditional banking services, they also offer auto loans to their customers in 32 different states.

Crescent Bank Branch Near Me

Crescent Bank has three local bank branches located primarily in Louisiana. You can find their closest branch location by visiting their website or checking the Google map.

The map above will show you Crescent Bank’s nearest branch, along with the hours they are open, their address, and contact information.

Crescent Bank ATM Near Me

Crescent Bank has many ATMs in the states they are located in. These ATMs are open 24 hours every day, 7 days of the week.

All their locations can be found using their “Find an ATM or branch near me” feature on their website.

Crescent Bank’s Information

Here is a table with Crescent Banks’ most important information. You will find the bank’s customer service number and overdraft fee. Below, you will also find their ATM hours, deposit limit, and online banking options.

Crescent Bank’s Information Details
Customer Service Number 1 (866) 208-8288
ATM Deposit Limit None
Crescent Bank ATM Fee Free
ATM Withdrawal Limit Not Specified
ATM Hours 24/7
Mobile Banking No
Online Banking Yes
Overdraft fee Not Specified

If you are looking to withdraw or deposit money in your Crescent Bank account, you may want to use an ATM. Their ATMs are open 24/7, so you can visit one at any time of the day.

Sometimes ATMs have fees associated with using them. All of Crescent Bank’s ATMs are free of charge to use as a customer of this financial institution.

However, if you are a customer of this financial institution and decide to use a non-Crescent Bank ATM, there may be additional fees.

Their ATMs do not have a daily deposit limit. But for withdrawals, the limit is not specified.

Another one of Crescent Bank’s fees you might need to be aware of is overdraft fees. If you don’t have enough money in your checking account to pay for a transaction, you are charged an overdraft fee. The overdraft fee for this bank is not specified.

If you don’t want to visit one of their branches, Crescent Bank’s always offering online as an alternative. You can access and use this bank’s services by visiting their website.

About Crescent Bank

First founded in 1991, Crescent Bank has grown to offer auto loans in over 32 states. However, their local banking services are only offered in the New Orleans, Louisiana area. Currently, they employ 450 people in the states they are located in.

If you visit one of their locations in Louisiana you gain access to their wide range of financial services. These services include; IRAs, personal and business checking accounts, CDs, debit cards, online banking, and more.

If any questions pop up, you can always contact their customer service department. Below, you will find all the information for contacting their customer service.

Crescent Bank Customer Service

Crescent Bank’s customer service number is 1 (866) 208-8288. Customer service representatives’ availability may vary depending on the location. For a specific schedule, check their website or your local branch.

Whether you’re trying to find Crescent Banks’ ATM deposit limit, routing number, or just have a general question, their customer service is a good place to find those answers.


Many use Crescent Bank as their preferred banking choice in the United States. They can help you out whether you’re looking to bank online, go to a branch, or find an ATM.

Having been around for many years, they’ve grown a reputation for reliable and trustworthy banking.

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