Ally Bank Hours: Weekday, Weekend, and Holiday Schedule

Ally Bank hours.

In recent years, online banks have been on the rise as more and more people decide to ditch traditional banking and move to an online bank like Ally Bank.

Online banks like Ally have no physical locations but a vast amount of ATMs and phenomenal mobile banking.

Ally is a leading online bank that has been around for over 12 years. The bank has zero branches and 43,000 ATMs available for its customers to use.

They do not follow the typical hourly schedule of a bank like Wells Fargo or Chase. Ally Bank is also not closed on the holidays which traditional banks are closed on.

Is Ally Bank Open 7 Days a Week?

Ally Bank is open 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, due to operating entirely online.

Typical banks have set hours of the day where their branches are open for business. Ally does not operate that way. You can utilize all their services ranging from savings accounts to high-yield CDs, all online.

Ally Bank Weekday Schedule (Monday through Friday)

Monday24 hours
Tuesday24 hours
Wednesday24 hours
Thursday24 hours
Friday24 hours

Is Ally Bank Open on Weekends?

You can use Ally any day of the week. Since they are online, this includes Saturdays and Sundays. Just like their weekday schedule, Ally is open 24 hours of the day during weekends as well.

Ally Bank’s Hours on Saturday and Sunday

Here are Ally Bank’s hours on Saturday and Sunday:

Saturday24 hours
Sunday24 hours

Unlike other banks, they do not have any physical branches with set hours. So you can access all their regular services at any time of the day.

Typically a bank is either closed all weekend or only takes Sunday off. Ally is available for you to use no matter the time of the week. This means you can enjoy your normal banking with them on both Saturday and Sunday.

Ally Bank’s Holiday Schedule

Ally Bank is an online bank, so it does not take any holidays off. All its services are accessible online 24/7. However, if you want to see what holidays other banks are usually closed on, you can find a list of the typical holiday schedule below.

New Year’s DaySaturday, January 1*
Martin Luther King Jr. DayMonday, January 17
Presidents DayMonday, February 21
Memorial DayMonday, May 30
Independence DayMonday, July 4
Labor DayMonday, September 5
Columbus DayMonday, October 10
Veterans DayFriday, November 11
ThanksgivingThursday, November 24
ChristmasSunday, December 25*

*Sometimes traditional banks are closed during holidays recognized by the Federal Reserve. New Year’s Day and Christmas happen during a weekend in 2022. So the bank is closed the preceding Friday, December 31st, and the following Monday, December 26th.

How To Bank With Ally Bank Outside Normal Business Hours

Due to being an online bank, there are no “normal business hours” because you can access their services 24/7. That said, here are two of the most common ways people bank with Ally.

1. Online and Mobile Banking

Ally offers both online and mobile banking. Anytime you need to access your bank account or use their banking services, you can do so online or through their mobile app. This is the standard way to monitor your money, make deposits, transfer money, or open an online checking or savings account.

2. 24-Hour ATMs

Alternatively, you can also use one of their many ATMs to deposit or withdrawal cash 24/7. In total, Ally Bank has over 43,000 Allpoint ATMs to choose from. If you are already a customer of this bank then you do not have to pay any transaction fee.

Ally Bank’s Customer Service Contact Information

Ally Bank’s customer service can help you answer a variety of different questions relating to its bank. Whether you have a general question about your account or are looking for this bank’s routing number, they’ve got you covered.

You can visit their contact page for all their customer service numbers.

Ally Bank Customer Service Number
1 (877) 247-2559

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