How to Make Money as a Nonprofit (Tips to Start in 2022)

Make money as a nonprofit.

Nonprofits are created to make a difference in the world. Their goal usually involves helping their target audience with a certain need in a variety of different ways. In order to complete these goals, it is important to make money as a nonprofit.

So how does a nonprofit make money? Nonprofits can make money through fundraising, selling products or services, and receiving grants. Receiving donations is another way that nonprofits make money. Individual donations make up a huge portion of income for nonprofits.

Similar to other businesses, nonprofits have many different expenses. This means it is necessary for a nonprofit to make money in order to further work towards completing its goals.

Operating costs such as utilities, bills, rent, telephone, and internet expenses all are costs that nonprofits need money to pay for. Other expenses vary depending upon what the objectives and goals of the nonprofit are.

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Are Nonprofits Allowed to Make Money

Nonprofits are allowed to make money. This being said, nonprofits can only use profits to serve the purpose of the nonprofit (typically helping the public in some way). For example, profits can be used to pay employees or a company for their services.

Making money as a nonprofit is very important in order to build and grow the nonprofit. As a nonprofit grows its expenses usually grow as well. This could be in the form of hiring more employees and paying them a salary.

Just like for-profit businesses nonprofits need money to complete their work. The difference between nonprofit and for-profit organization is that nonprofits put the money they make back into growing their organization.

How Much Money Can You Make From a Nonprofit

Nonprofits actually pay quite well if you work as an employee. Nonprofit workers make an average of $55,200 per year, with some making six figures every year.

This being said nonprofit work tends to pay less than for-profit work. So if you plan on becoming an employee for a nonprofit there is a good chance you could find a job that pays more elsewhere. Even nonprofit CEO’s are paid less than their for-profit counterparts.

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Can Nonprofits Make a Profit

But can nonprofits make a profit? The answer is yes, nonprofits can make money. This could be a bit confusing because of the name nonprofit, but there are times when they do make a profit.

Just like any other business, revenue is needed to pay for expenses such as employee salaries, fixed expenses (for example rent), and much more.

There are times when a nonprofit’s revenue exceeds its expenses. So what exactly happens then?

If a nonprofit makes a profit, the money has to be used towards activities that are related to the nonprofit’s purpose in order to not be taxed on this income.

Can I Run a Nonprofit From My Home

There are a lot of people who have the goal of making a difference in the world. Nonprofits are often created to help serve and better one’s community overall.

This being said, you might want to run your own nonprofit and start it from home. This is possible, but there are a few things to do before you can get the ball rolling and start.

First, you have to identify what the purpose of your nonprofit will be. Figuring out what your purpose is will help you create the mission of your nonprofit.

This is where things can get a bit tricky. A board of directors is needed to start a nonprofit. The board of director’s job is to help advise and govern the nonprofit. This means finding people that are familiar and passionate about the nonprofit’s mission is important.

Setting up a nonprofit requires legal papers to be submitted. A legal professional such as a lawyer can be a huge help when completing this step. Legally starting your nonprofit off the right way is very important to help prevent any future complications.

After this, you can start setting up your workplace from home, create a website, start raising funds, and even hiring employees if needed.

This all might seem like a lot at first, but take it step by step and eventually you will be running a nonprofit from your home.

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What Are the Best Nonprofit Organizations to Start

The best nonprofit organizations to start are those that help the community. A community has many different needs ranging from recreation to access to clean drinking water.

There are many other community needs that you could help with. Find one that your nonprofit organization could assist with and get started!


A nonprofit often has goals and aspirations it hopes to achieve. More times than not, money is required to complete these goals.

It is important to make money as a nonprofit because there are many different expenses that occur when running day to day operations. Employees, for instance, can be a huge expense and require money to keep people employed.

Starting a nonprofit can be complicated at first. However, too many, it is a very rewarding job and worth the effort.

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